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Welcome to the official blog corner of Let's Discover Mauritius! This is a space where you will learn about Mauritius, together with amazing discoveries, guides and others.

Sugar Mills' Chimneys In Mauritius

Sugar Mills' Chimneys In Mauritius image

[PHOTO GALLERY] Dive back in the history of the sugar industry by discovering more than 100 sugar mills' chimneys in Mauritius.

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The 4 Main Lighthouses In Mauritius

Lighthouses in Mauritius image

Learn about the story behind the 4 main lighthouses in Mauritius: Albion, Pointe Aux Cannoniers, Flat Island and Ile Au Phare.

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Top 12 Popular Foods In Mauritius

Foods in Mauritius image

Do you love foods? Here is a list of the top 12 most appreciated foods by Mauritians to highly consider during your holidays here.

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