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Places to go in mauritius

Find a list of the top places to go and visit in Mauritius Island, such as mountains, waterfalls, shopping malls, places of interest, nature trails, etc.

Nature trails and parks in Mauritius

Top Nature Trails & Parks In Mauritius

Mauritius has some nice nature trails and parks to hike or visit. As we have only less than 2% of the native forest, our...

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Beaches in Mauritius

Top Beaches In Mauritius

"Beaches..", this is what most foreigners will reply if you ask them the reasons they will visit Mauritius! Our island has among the top...

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Places of interest and sightseeing in Mauritius

Top Places Of Interest & Sightseeing In Mauritius

Mauritius has dozens and dozens of places of interest and sightseeing. Of course, not all of them are worth to visit, and it is...

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Top waterfalls in Mauritius

Top Waterfalls In Mauritius

Our island has beautiful waterfalls which deserve to hike and trek. River trekking is an amazing activity to consider particularly if you love hiking...

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Mountains in Mauritius

Top Mountains In Mauritius

Discover the most popular mountains in Mauritius Island to plan a wonderful hike with your friends or family and enjoy fantastic views from the...

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