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Road Cycling & Mountain Biking In Mauritius

Cycling is a popular activity on the island of Mauritius. Learn more on the safety measures, the best tracks to ride in Mauritius, and so on.

Road cycling and mountain biking in Mauritius

Cycling has always been part of the local culture for decades. You may remember your grandparent’s old black Phoenix bicycle, which we called “Bisiklet corbo”. That bicycle was made with steel, had a big chainring as a drivetrain, and no gears at all. Imagine the pain of riding that uphill by carrying woods, grass for animals, etc. Since the introduction of bicycles with gears in the 1980s, Mauritians have upgraded their bicycles to advanced ones.

Even today, many children receive a bicycle as a gift at Christmas or on their birthday. Parents gift their kids bicycles. Children were taught how to ride bicycles at an early age, fostering a passion for the sport throughout their growing years. No matter how high the percentage of cars is on our roads, there is a group of people who are passionate. They continue to ride as a sport, professional athlete, for commuting, or simply for leisure.

A group ride.
A group ride.

A Growing Interest In Mauritius

In many countries around the world, there has been a growing passion for people to cycle in their daily lives. Due to the immense campaign against global warming, more and more people are opting for cycling as a mode of transport. Few countries, such as the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark or China, are famous for having the largest number of bicycles in the world among their inhabitants. In Mauritius, cycling has also become increasingly popular.

There is a growing popularity for both road cycling and mountain biking for leisure rides or as a sport. We live on an island with sugarcane fields almost everywhere, which presents the opportunity for mountain bikers to enjoy off-road riding, which is thought to be less dangerous than on the roads, so accidents are less likely to occur. As more and more vehicles are on our roads, there are risks and hazards that can lead to accidents. However, this has not discouraged road cyclists from pursuing their passion for cycling. Cycling is loved and passionate not just among young people, but also among the elderly.

Mauritius hosts several biking competitions every year, for both disciplines, road and off-road. Bike shops are growing like mushrooms, and many popular bicycle brands are now available locally.

Next to the forest, was the Daruty sugar mill, owned by Jean Rose Daruty. The sugar mill was built at the early 1800s, and ceased to operate in 1865. Now, the chimney is in a private residential area. Additionally, there were the Mon Loisir Rouillard sugar estates, further away from the forest. The ruins of those sugar mills still exist today. From them, we can conclude that the whole forest area was basically surrounded by sugar mills and the agriculture sector was the main center of development. Apparently, there was also a laborers camp nearby. However, this information needs to be verified. As stated earlier, many sugar mills were present around.

Top Biking Routes To Ride In Mauritius

Mauritius still has some nice riding tracks. Unfortunately, with the increase in infrastructural development everywhere, the space to enjoy your rides is gradually shrinking. However, we still have some pleasant places left, including:

Northern Railway Line Track

Northern Railway Line Track
Approximately 45 km long, it is one of the longest mountain biking tracks in Mauritius. There is an old railroad line in the North which passes from Mapou, Mon Loisir, Roches-Noires, Bras D'Eau, Belle Mare, Bel Air, Beau Champs, and ends at Grand-River South East.

Cascavelle To Mare Longue Track

Cascavelle To Mare Longue Track
Starting from Cascavelle, riding in the sugarcane fields next to Casela Nature Parks, passing via Trois Mamelles, Vol Aux Vents, Tamarind Falls, appreciating the gorgeous and tranquil nature trail of Mare Longue, and ending at the reservoir. It is a 25 km track.

Labourdonnais To Butte À L'herbe Track

Labourdonnais To Butte À L'herbe Track
From the Domaine de Labourdonnais, climb the Butte Aux Papayes Hill, ride through the sugarcane fields to Daruty Nature Trail, and then climb Forbach Hill, Petit Raffray village, off-road to the Butte L'herbe beach in the North of Mauritius.

Along The Coasts Of Mauritius

Along The Coasts Of Mauritius
For road cyclists and leisure rides, riding along Mauritius' coast is splendid. You can admire beautiful beaches and visit several spots. It is more convenient done on Sunday, with fewer vehicles on the roads as well.

Montagne Jacquot To Flic-En-Flac Track

Montagne Jacquot To Flic-En-Flac Track
In the West, there are amazing terrains to ride. It begins at the mesmerizing cliffs of Montagne Jacquot, rides off-road to the Albion Lighthouse, then takes the Médine track to end at Flic-en-Flic of Flac. Around 20 km length.

Savinia To La Cambuse Track

Savinia To La Cambuse Track
The South coast is full of surprises. Starting from Savinia, riding along the coastal tracks to Le Souffleur, then Pont-Naturel to admire the natural rocky bridge, and to Le Bouchon, and ends at La Cambuse beach.

Other Cycling Tracks To Try

Climbing the Verdun Motorway (ROAD) – An endurance ride. You can start from the North, particularly Arsenal, and climb the uphill of Verdun’s motorway to the Central Plateau or to the South of Mauritius. This is done passing by Ripailles, Phoenix, Curepipe, Nouvelle France and Plaine Magnien.

Case Noyale, Chamarel to Baie du Cap (ROAD) – Climb the Chamarel uphill from Case Noyale to Baie du Cap, another challenging uphill. You can continue the climb to Alexandra Falls, and descend via Bassin Blanc to Baie du Cap.

Climbing La Nicolière (ROAD) – This track is for beginners who want to try a decent road uphill, starting anywhere from the North, climbing La Nicolière Hill, to end either to Ripailles or to Brisée Verdière.

Bon Accueil to Constance surroundings (OFF-ROAD) – A fantastic off-road run through Beau Bois in the sugarcane fields, Cascade Crésson, and ends in Constance or Petite Retraite.

Labourdonnais to Azuri (OFF-ROAD) – A popular off-track, particularly a large part, is included in the IBL On The Move event. Start from Labourdonnais, climb the Mon Loisir Hill, passing Rivière du Rempart, Roches-Noires to end at Azuri.

There are so many other cycling routes to ride in Mauritius, we cannot list all of them here. It is up to you to explore, create your own routes, join others to discover, and enjoy cycling immensely.

DISCLAIMER: It is worthwhile to note that some of the biking routes listed above may pass through private property. For example, sugarcane fields are private property, and owned by sugar estates.

Le Bike, The Ideal Bike Shop To Get Your Bike & Equipment In Mauritius

Le bike shop Mauritius

It is obvious that if you want to be in the world of cycling, either as a professional or recreational rider, you need to invest in a good bike. But where to buy a nice bike? Do not worry, Le Bike is here for you!

Inside Le Bike shop
Some bikes on display in the shop.

Situated in Curepipe, Le Bike was founded by Bernard Lincoln in 1992. Le Bike is a popular bike shop in Mauritius, specializing in different international bike brands, such as Scott, LaPierre, Look and BMC. Le Bike is your most reliable place to get a decent bike depending on your budget. Road, mountain and kid bikes are available in the shop. Some of them are described below.

For mountain biking enthusiasts on a budget, the Scott Aspect is a good option to make use of off-roads such as sugarcane fields and gravel. Depending on the models, they come with 18 or 20 speeds, an aluminum/alloy frame, hydraulic brakes, and a 100 mm SR Suntour fork. Moreover, if you want a mid-range mountain bike, the Scott Scale series is a great choice. A famous cross-country bike, in 29-inch wheels, aluminum/alloy frame, equipped with SRAM 12 speed drivetrain, and a FOX 32 fork, you will not regret riding on rocky tracks or in mud.

For those who want an advanced bike, the Scott Spark RC 900 and RC Ultimate will fly on tracks. A super light carbon frame, 12 speed gears, integrated suspension technology, a FOX 34 fork, well, this full suspension bike will dominate off-road tracks easily.

Scott Scale

Scott Scale
The Scale 960 model bike.

Scott Addict

Scott Addict
The Addict 30 model bike.

Scott Spark

Scott Spark
The Spark RC 900 model bike.

For roadies, Le Bike recommends Scott Speedster and Addict models. There are no problems riding either of them on our tarmac roads. The former comes with 9 speed, alloy frame, carbon fork, best for those who are just beginning road cycling. For those who are looking to enter the world of professional road cycling, the Addict series comes with carbon forks, a better aerodynamic exposure, and a more advanced drivetrain with more gears.

In the same way, Le Bike also provides LaPierre and BMC bikes. Two widely known European brands. Please, check their showroom for more information and guidance on the spot.

Le Bike shop.
More cycling stuff at Le Bike's shop.

Safety measures and spare tools are necessary while riding. Whether it is for professional sport cycling or leisure rides, wearing a helmet is recommended. It is critical to choose a certified helmet to protect yourself. Le Bike has a variety of helmets to choose from. A pair of gloves will protect your hands in winter, and also in case of injuries. Additionally, it is recommended that you carry spare tools with you on every ride, such as a multitool, a small bicycle pump or CO2 tire inflator, and a tube. Having spare tools will save you in case of a breakdown or having a flat on your ride.

Finally, Le Bike offers top-notch brand accessories such as Oakley, Tactic, and others. If you need biking shoes, cycling jerseys, sunglasses to protect your eyes under the scorching sun of Mauritius, Le Bike has all the awesome stuff for you. Nutrition is essential for long rides. Le Bike collaborates with popular nutritional brands such as Tailwind, Hammer or Meltonic. Get your bike and equipment at Le Bike at the following address or contact them for more information.

Yemaya Adventures: The Best In Biking Tours Organizer In Mauritius

Yemaya Adventures

Are you looking for a biking tour organizer to enjoy Mauritius’ magnificent riding trails in the sunshine? Yemaya Adventures is your solution! Created by Patrick Haberland in 2000, Yemaya Adventures aims to make you explore Mauritius, discovering the beauties of our nature through mountain biking tours. Yemaya Adventures also provides other services, such as kayaking, hiking, outdoor activities, and more.

Patrick Haberland
Patrick Haberland, the biking tour guide.

Patrick Haberland, CEO, did not appear yesterday. He is a professional in his field. A certified coach, a former cycling champion, and an adventurer, he is ready to take you into his world of exploration. He will provide the most enjoyable biking tours in Mauritius you will ever find. He holds a Brevet d’État (France) for biking, and first-aid certifications.

Yemaya Adventures has a wide range of biking tours. They include the famous Bras D’Eau trail. It starts with a coastal ride in Roches-Noires, passing the old railway track into the forest of the Bras D’Eau nature trail. You will also visit the famous Roches-Noires Lava Tubes. This tour is around 30 km. Additionally, Piton du Milieu and Midlands are also great biking tours. This track is wonderful, far away from busy roads, surrounded by sugarcane fields, and has the opportunity to admire few reservoirs. You can choose 18 km or 34 km. If you want a challenging trail, Patrick and his team will bring you on the Mare Aux Vacoas to Mare Longue biking tour, via Tamarind Falls. Mare Longue is famous for its uphills, and it forms part of Black River National Park as well. You will stop by the Mare Longue reservoir, enjoying the serene atmosphere. This tour can vary between 20 and 35 km. Lastly, he offers a beautiful biking tour along the South Coast. Starting in Savinia and ending at La Cambuse. Most of his biking trips are around 3 hours, sufficient to spend a memorable day on the bike.

When we speak of Yemaya Adventures, we also discuss professionalism. Patrick’s team will supply spare tubes, water bottles, bicycle pumps and helmets. You do not need to carry extra weight with you, but you can use your own equipment. Did I mention he provides bicycles? Yes! The Yemaya Adventures team will provide a variety of mountain bikes for your rides, including e-bikes, if you do not own a bicycle yourself. His bikes are from renowned brands such as Giant, Cannondale, Orbea, and others. Everything is set up, gear adjusted, tires pumped, chain lubricated, and voilà, just take and ride. All you need to bring is a towel, your cycling clothes, and biking shoes. You may encounter mosquitoes along the tracks, so it is imperative to bring mosquito repellent. Yemaya Adventures provides refreshments, snacks, energy bars, and even coffee in winter season. A backup truck follows in every trip.

South Coast Tour

South Coast Tour
A beautiful spot in the South coast tour.

Tamarind Falls To Mare Longues Tour

Tamarind Falls To Mare Longues Tour
Vol Aux Vents, a place near Tamarind Falls.

Roches-Noires To Bras D'Eau Tour

Roches-Noires To Bras D'Eau Tour
Inside one of the Lava Tubes.

Furthermore, Yemaya Adventures rent bikes. Tourists, expats, locals, or foreigners with no bikes can rent them from Yemaya Adventures at an affordable rate. There are a number of famous brands available. The rental price varies depending on the bike model and specs.

Patrick is a professional guide, with extensive knowledge of biking trails in Mauritius. His services are full of positive reviews thanks to his expertise. There is a reason why his company is named after the African sea goddess! He can also organize customized biking tours. So, what are you waiting for? Book a biking tour or rent a bike at Yemaya Adventures now. See below for contact details.

ZC Cycleworks, Bike Repairs & Maintenance

ZC Cycleworks

Investing in a bike means investing in bike repairs and maintenance. A pleasant ride needs a bicycle that is in good condition, and for that, servicing is required on a periodic basis. Sometimes, things do not run as planned, such as a breakdown or bicycle parts failure. All parts on a bicycle need to be serviced occasionally to avoid long-term mechanical issues, which lead to repairs. There are many professional bike mechanics around the island, and one of them is ZC Cycleworks.

Zainuddeen Chamroo, bike mechanic.
Zainuddeen Chamroo, bike mechanic.

ZC Cycleworks is run by a determined and ambitious young man, passionate about mountain biking, named Zainuddeen Chamroo. Situated in Goodlands, in the North of Mauritius, Zainudden Chamroo runs his small bike repair workshop there. Equipped with the essential bike tools, he is ready to repair and service any bike you bring to him.

The common bike issues we face are flat tires, gear configurations, brake tweaking, noisy bottom brackets, noisy hubs, and much more. Zainuddeen tackles each bike task professionally for his clients, delivering a satisfied result. Also, he loves to perform advanced bike maintenance, such as truing a rim, servicing a rear derailleur, servicing suspension forks, grease hubs and bottom brackets, bleeding brakes, etc. In a nutshell, he can assemble any bicycle from A to Z. If you are an e-biker, do not worry, at ZC Cycleworks, it will be taken care of as well.

If you are considering upgrading a bike part, you can count on ZC Cycleworks for any related task. The most common upgrades we do are changing the chain, converting to tubeless tires, upgrading the drivetrain, and adding a dropper post to the suspension fork.

We need to encourage more people like Zainudeen, who contributes massively to cycling. A youngster with high determination, passion, needs encouragement. Do you want a bike mechanic? Contact ZC Cycleworks as follows.

Some Safety Cycling Tips In Mauritius

Safety is crucial, and while cycling, it must be a priority to protect yourself, be careful and vigilant. Some cycling tips to keep in mind, especially for leisure rides, are as follows:

  • Wear a certified cycling helmet.
  • Wear a pair of gloves if possible. It can be either full-finger or fingerless. The purpose is to protect your palm in case of falling off the bike.
  • Install a rear light. This will make you visible to drivers at night or in foggy weather. A front light is necessary while riding at night.
  • Wear clothing with fluorescent add-ons.
  • Wear an appropriate pair of shoes.


Apart from these safety tips, make sure your bicycle is in good working order, that your brakes are working properly, that your gears are shifting smoothly, and that there are no loose parts on the bike.


Cycling is gaining popularity all over the world, and even in Mauritius. Bicycles will become an increasingly significant part of our society in light of huge traffic jams. But, this can be a reality if Mauritians change their travel mindset. Many tasks do not require motorcycles or cars. It is true that Mauritius’ roads are dangerous. Particularly with the high number of accidents occurring, some people are afraid to cycle. There are some recent main roads with cycling paths. This is a start. We have a long way to go. Another key aspect to note is the loss of off-roads due to infrastructural developments, and fencing in many sugarcane fields. The mountain biking discipline will be greatly affected if this trend continues. Like Singapore, we will have only bike parks. Today, we have professional athletes who win medals locally, but also abroad in cycling. Thus, the authorities, private organizers, must always value this sport. To conclude, as a cyclist myself, I sincerely hope more people will ride after reading this article!

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Ali Jareehag

Author: Ali J | Date Published: July 31, 2023 | Last Updated: N/A

Special Thanks: Le Bike, Yemaya Adventures & ZC Cycleworks.

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