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Welcome to Let's Discover Mauritius, your online portal for a quick list of the best things to do and places to go in Mauritius island as well as Rodrigues Island.

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After several updates since the launch of the website in 2019, all contents have been edited to a shorter version and information is even more direct to read. Let's Discover Mauritius concentrates mainly on the things to do for tourists and also on the places to go for both locals and foreigners. It is not a portal on the historical aspect of Mauritius, even there maybe some articles on this category.

The purpose of this website is to provide you information fast and to reduce the hassles of determining what to do during your holidays here and which sites to go. Hopefully, you will like this website and do not hesitate to share the pages to the world!

Things To Do

Mauritius is recognized for its beautiful beaches, obviously, water sports and other sea activities are among the best things to do. Hence, do visit the best beaches in Mauritius, enjoy swimming, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, pedalo, fishing, kite surfing, paddling, dolphin or whale watching, BBQ on islets and others.

We do not have only gorgeous beaches! We also have superb mountains, dreamy nature trails and fantastic waterfalls to discover. So, explore the mountains and see Mauritius 360 degrees from the tops. Forget your stress by hiking wonderful nature trails, listen the birds singing and feel the trees. Moreover, discover the sublime waterfalls we have, in fact many of them are lesser-known in our nature. Therefore, hiking and trekking in Mauritius is a must!

Apart from hiking and trekking, take part in some outdoor activities such as quad biking, mountain biking, archery, horse riding on the beach or sky diving. Add some spices by doing a zip-line, walking on a Nepalese Bridge, etc.

If you are a passionate of history and love Mauritius itself, it is crystal clear you need to dig more on its origin and how it has been transformed today. Mauritians are wonderful people. They are always ready to help and they welcome people with their heart in the country. Hence, by learning Mauritians, you will also learn their backgrounds, origins, beliefs, music, cultures, lifestyles, foods and much more. Some of the best museums have been listed to help knowing our history and cultures.

Go shopping with a smile. Lots of places exist in Mauritius to shop. Visit shopping malls, markets and others. Some shops do offer a low-tax sale or tax refunds on their products, thus, seize the opportunity!

Mauritius has nice places of interest and sightseeing to visit. Most of these places are enriched with history or something else amazing which are worth to check out.

This list of things to do in Mauritius would be incomplete without mentioning one of the fundamental aspects we have, foods! As we are composed of different cultural backgrounds, thus we are lucky to savor different types of dishes such as Indian, European, Chinese, etc. Our delicious "cuisines" are famous worldwide. Taste and enjoy the local foods, you will not regret.

So, these are the main activities you can perform while traveling to Mauritius.

The Best Places To Go In Mauritius Island


Mountains in Mauritius image

Discover the best mountains to hike and trek and see the world from the summit.

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Beaches in Mauritius image

Enjoy the best sandy and turquoise beaches in the island and feel like in a paradise.

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Waterfalls in Mauritius image

Explore the best rivers and waterfalls and discover the unique hidden beauties.

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Points Of Interest & Sightseeing

Places of interest in Mauritius image

Spend some days touring the entire island for its places of interest and sightseeing.

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Nature Trails & Parks

Nature trails and parks in Mauritius image

Free your stress by hiking some amazing nature trails and explore some nature parks.

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Museums in Mauritius image

Enrich yourself historically and culturally by visiting some of the best museums in Mauritius.

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Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls in Mauritius image

Spend your day by shopping at the top shopping malls in the island with family or friends.

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Islands & Islets

Islands & Islets in Mauritius image

Enjoy the islets around Mauritius and discover their fantastic beauties away from the mainland.

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Leisure & Attraction Places

Leisure & Attraction Places in Mauritius image

Have fun and engage yourself in outdoor activities with your friends and relatives.

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Religious & Spiritual Sites

Religious & Spiritual Sites in Mauritius image

Have a spiritual journey rich with cultures at the famous religious and spiritual sites in Mauritius.

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Things To Do & Places To Go

Visit Rodrigues Island image

Learn the best things to do and explore the top places to go in the gorgeous Rodrigues Island for your holidays.

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So, What Are You Waiting?

To conclude, hopefully, this online portal will help you a lot to determine what are the things you can do and also where to go in both Mauritius and Rodrigues. The site has been kept simple and easy to browse. All information is direct to avoid you reading lengthy paragraphs. Do not hesitate to contact the webmaster for any questions. Happy browsing!

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Originally the portal was created in 2017 under the name of "Activities in Mauritius", which then later changed to Let's Discover Mauritius in 2019. Designed and owned by Ali J, who is an adventurer since years, the aim is to eliminate the hassles of deciding where to visit in Mauritius as well as Rodrigues. Ali J is also a passionate of mountain biking and road cycling where he loves to explore different places around the island. Apart from that, he is a history lover and often collects pictures of abandoned ruins or buildings particularly old sugar mill chimneys. He works as a web developer, loves fast foods, loves cooking at home and plays with his 7 cats! Feel free to add him on Facebook or message if you have any questions...