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Points of Interest and Sightseeing in Mauritius Places to Go

Top Points Of Interest & Sightseeing In Mauritius

There are many places in Mauritius which you may find interesting to visit. Many of them listed as follows are popular tourist attractions. These places of interest or sightseeing often have amazing history which you can discover to enrich your knowledge or simply they are just attractive. The Top Points…

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Nature Trails and Parks In Mauritius Places to Go

Famous Nature Trails & Parks In Mauritius

A stressful world we are living in, it is no doubt we deserve a break! Sometimes, the best medicines are not found in chemical substances, but from nature. A natural remedy to cure our worries and when we are suffocating in problems. So, why not considering a walk in nature…

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Waterfalls and rivers in Mauritius Places to Go

Top Waterfalls & Rivers In Mauritius

The nature in Mauritius is amazing. There are several beautiful spots to discover apart mountains, trails, beaches or even places of interest. They are waterfalls and rivers. In this section of places to go, you will explore the top waterfalls & rivers in Mauritius! The Top Waterfalls In Mauritius Various…

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Islands and Islets in Mauritius Places to Go

Top Islands & Islets To Visit In Mauritius

Mauritius as an island is really gorgeous! Surrounded by the sea, it has also other islands and islets nearby, which deserve to be visited. In this post, you will learn about the top islands and islets in Mauritius further below! The Top Islands & Islets In Mauritius Imagine taking a…

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Museums in Mauritius Places to Go

Famous Museums In Mauritius

A museum is an important institution in any country. It normally stores artifacts, a collection of objects based on cultural, historical or scientific importance.  In Mauritius, there are many museums to visit. This post is on the famous museums in Mauritius. The Famous Museums In Mauritius There is a variety…

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Shopping Malls in Mauritius Places to Go

Top Shopping Malls In Mauritius

Searching a place to shop in Mauritius? You have come on the right page. The best shopping malls in Mauritius are stated here! The Top Shopping Malls In Mauritius Shopping in Mauritius is fun! Since the beginning of 2000s, the number of shopping malls have known a rise. Due to…

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Attraction Places in Mauritius Places to Go

Top Attraction Places In Mauritius

There are many attraction places in Mauritius to spend a nice time. This post will state some of them where you can go to enjoy. Famous Attraction Places In Mauritius If you want to hike in a nature reserve, or in search of adrenaline sports, then this article is for…

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Religious and spiritual places in Mauritius Places to Go

Famous Religious & Spiritual Sites In Mauritius

Mauritius is well-known for having different religious and spiritual beliefs! In fact, it is one of the main beautiful cultural aspects this country has. In this post, you will discover a list of the famous religious and spiritual sites in Mauritius. The Popular Religious & Spiritual Places To Visit When…

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Mountains in Mauritius Places to Go

Top 12 Mountains In Mauritius

Mauritius, a volcanic island, has an amazing nature! Apart its gorgeous beaches, waterfalls and trails, it has also fantastic mountains. In case you are planning a mountain hike, take a look on the list of the top 12 mountains in Mauritius further. Find Out The Best Mountains To Climb Hiking,…

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