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Fatima Hosany, A Passion For Handcrafted Canvas

She makes her arts differently. A mixture of handcrafting and painting is her specialities. Learn more on her passion below.

Fartima Hosany arts

In today’s world, handcrafted canvas artists are not as prevalent as they once were, and Fatima Hosany is one of the few genuine treasures in this field. Fatima, who is a graphic designer by profession and currently resides in Phoenix, has mastered the art of producing canvas for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or gifts.

Fartima Hosany

A Hobby that eventually evolved into a job as a freelancer

Given that she is a graphic designer, it is reasonable to infer that she possesses artistic abilities and a creative spirit. It was in the late 2010s when she started practicing canvas painting, and it was after she had created her first piece of handcrafted art for a wedding that she realized that this hobby could evolve into a job that she could do independently.

QUESTION: When did you first begin painting on canvas with your own unique designs?

FATIMA HOSANY: “I started in 2019. I started with some canvas for myself. Then in 2020 I made a welcome wedding sign for my cousin’s wedding. A family member told me to put it on social media and work on it. Indeed, it works.”

QUESTION: You have created many canvas art pieces for weddings and birthdays. Which style of design is now popular and trending?

FATIMA HOSANY: “Welcome sign for wedding is most trending. Some prefer it to be full marbling background with glitters lettering and artificial flower. Some prefer it plain background, with either Acrylic paint lettering or glitters lettering or sometimes both with artificial flower.”

QUESTION: Such an art requires a great deal of preparation. Are the majority of your designs based on client ideas, or do you usually create your own?

FATIMA HOSANY: “I do it according to my client choice & color. They told me their color theme for wedding. And yes, I prepare my glitters according to their color. All lettering are design by hand. And for the artificial flower, I need to cut etc. to place them.”

Love Her Works? Contact Her Now...

Get your customized handcrafted artworks from Fatima. Check out her gallery on her Instagram, and you can reach her on +230 57930470.

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Ali Jareehag

Author: Ali J | Date Published: July 6, 2024 | Last Updated: NA

Special Thanks: Fatima Hosany.

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