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Introducing Karo, A Mauritian Cultural Artist

An artist who also has a deep appreciation for the civilizations of Africa…

Caroline Mandron painting

From the lovely seaside town of Pereybere, Caroline Mandron, sometimes known as “Karo,” lives with brushes and paints, then lets her ideas flow across canvases. Her works include many facets, especially the Rastafarian traditions, and she has collaborated with other local artists to create a professional presence in her passion.

Caroline Mandron

Mauritius Became Her Destined Destination

Karo, who was born in France, but spent her early childhood in Algeria in the 1960s, has lived in Gabon, Canada, before initially settling in Mauritius in the early 2000s. She is an educator, a lover of Mauritius history and cultures, and a graduate from in Beaux Arts. Her paintings have also been highlighted in other publications.

She is regarded as a cornerstone in cultural arts after her works have been exhibited worldwide. Let us now know here further below.

QUESTION: It appears that you have traveled quite a bit. Have you found that moving from one country to another has resulted in an enrichment of cultures, which ultimately has contributed to the creation of your paintings?

KARO: “Naturally, particularly Africa, where I spent a significant amount of my life. This culture is deeply ingrained in my heart and soul, and I truly adore it.”

QUESTION: It appears that you have a close relationship with the Rastafarian culture. We can plainly perceive in your artwork. Tell us how this adventure got started.

KARO: “In 1991, I became aware of Mauritius and immediately became an avid lover of reggae music, particularly that of BOB MARLEY. At the time, Kaya and I were close friends. I spent a lot of time with the group Natir in Chamarel and met many Rastafarians from Grand Gaube to the Morne village year after year. I also learned about their interesting concept from them. The fact that they were viewed as nothing more than “drugs dealers and dirty people” saddened me greatly. I made the decision to use my artwork to share their tale. Every acrylic on wood painting depicted a page from their narrative—as well as their music! I aimed to dispel the negative perception that society held of them. Being a “white woman” who wanted to fight for this community was also very difficult for me, and I had to give up my initiative due to misunderstandings and jealousy of some people.”

QUESTION: Are you primarily interested in acrylic painting, or are you also skilled in other media?

KARO: “I started out using pencil and ink and occasionally water color, but my favorite technique is acrylic since I can use it on any surface canvas, wood, metal, walls, materials and my life is all about paint and colors!”

QUESTION: What cultural gifts from Mauritius have you received for your paintings?

KARO: “I have a strong curiosity and constantly want to learn about all the many cultures that exist in Mauritius. Painting scenes from everyday life gives me great pleasure and allows me to preserve our past, which is sadly being lost to excessive concreting. The traditional Chinese shops, the bazaar, the saris, the ox carts used for cane harvesting, etc.”

QUESTION: Any future projects?

KARO: “At the moment, I spend a lot of time traveling to Madagascar, an intriguing island with amazing living scenes. I’m currently in the production phase, and when I present and share an exhibition with a photographer who also has stunning images of this large island, I would like to have about forty paintings completed. As of right now, I’m not sure where. Additionally, I sell my artwork as a member of an association called ANDAOTIKA, which aims to earn money for a small school in the southern region of Madagascar.”

Visit Her Workshop...

You can visit her workshop at her place, Yaneli Drive, Chemin 20 Pieds, Pereybere. Reach her on 5710 0065!

Karo, also sells prints of her paintings in La boutique du Château à Labourdonnais, Blue Penny Museum, and at the La Vanille Crocodile Park.

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Author: Ali J | Date Published: June 11, 2024 | Last Updated: NA

Special Thanks: Caroline Mandron.

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