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Discover Amber Island (Île d'Ambre) In Mauritius

A marvelous island in the North-East of Mauritius, Île d’Ambre has a lot to reveal! Explore its unique biodiversity, endemic plants, nature trails, and more.
Ile D'ambre Mauritius

Located approximately 2.2 kilometers from the picturesque village of Poudre D’Or, Amber Island, also known as “Île d’Ambre“, is a stunning destination that is highly recommended for exploration.

A National Park

Since 2004, Île d’Ambre has been designated as the third-largest national park in Mauritius. The authority, in collaboration with conservation experts, have introduced approximately 5,000 native plants on the islet. Spanning 122 hectares, the island is one of the largest in Mauritius and is highly suitable for its abundant biodiversity. A significant portion of it is encompassed by mangroves, which play a crucial role in safeguarding the coastlines. Due to the absence of predators like rats and hares, as well as its remote location, the island is ideal for the development of a diverse and impressive range of plants and animals. The avian species are thriving in a serene environment conducive to their habitation, while the flora is being safeguarded.

A Brief History Of Île d'Ambre

Île d’Ambre gained popularity following the shipwreck of St Géran in 1744. In addition, Bernardin de Saint-Pierre incorporated the island into his highly successful novel, “Paul & Virginie“, during the late 1780s. Nevertheless, Île d’Ambre was populated prior to the occurrence of those events. In the past, the Dutch cultivated sugar canes on the island, and some farmers resided there as well. Various livestock, including cattle, cows, and chickens, were transported to the island for the purpose of reproduction. The Dodos are thought to have been last sighted on Île d’Ambre in 1662. The Dutch map, preserved at L’Algemeen Rijksarchief in The Hague, clearly depicts Île d’Ambre as “Amber Eylanden“.

Following the shipwreck of St Géran in 1744, the island served as a navigational landmark for ships. The local residents strategically planted coconut trees as a means of alerting sea captains due to their impressive height. The Governor, Vicompte de Souillac, granted Joseph Arché temporary possession of Île d’Ambre. In 1791, Michel Rouillard acquired the island from Joseph Arché. The Rouillard family maintained ownership of the island for an extended period, primarily through the three brothers, until it was transferred to Charles Rouillard’s daughter, who married into the Chazal family. In 1968, the government reclaimed ownership of Île d’Ambre.

In addition, in the 1820s, the naturalist Julien Desjardins documented the presence of a salt pan on Île d’Ambre. The precise year of its construction remains unknown, although some scholars speculate that it was built during the French era.

Only a few of the 19th-century ruins remain on the island. One of them is a compact storage facility and culinary workspace.

The Nature Trail

Ile D'Ambre nature trail

A Beautiful Pond

Pond Ile D'Ambre

The Trail To The Camping Area

Ile d'ambre trail entrance

Camping Area

Camping area Ile D'Ambre

The Kitchen Ruin

Ruin at Ile D'Ambre

Volcanic Crater

Volcano crater Ile D'Ambre

Things To Do At Île D'Ambre

Hiking: Île d’Ambre provides a 2-kilometer nature trail encompassed by trees, indigenous flora, coastal mangroves, and marshy ponds. The trail is predominantly level and strewn with rocks, making it accessible for individuals of all ages to walk comfortably. There are kiosks along the trails where one can rest and take a break. Furthermore, there are stone benches available for individuals to comfortably rest and enjoy the sounds of the birds, experience the sensation of the trees, and fully admire the beauty of nature. Are you aware that Île d’Ambre possesses a volcanic crater? Acquire further knowledge on the subject here.

Sea Kayaking: The island is renowned among enthusiasts of sea kayaking. If you desire a unique experience on Île d’Ambre, it is imperative to partake in kayaking amidst the mangroves. It is advisable to enlist the services of a guide (more information provided below), as the presence of numerous sea canals makes the sea potentially hazardous.

Camping: Due to the island’s status as a national park, obtaining permission from the forestry department and coast guard is necessary for camping. There is a designated camping area on the island.

Visit Île d'Ambre With Yemaya Adventures

If you wish to explore Île d’Ambre, Yemaya Adventures is the highly recommended guide for you. Yemaya Adventures has been in existence for over two decades. Patrick Haberland is the creator of this professional adventure tour company, which specializes in hiking, sea kayaking, and mountain biking.

Sea Kayaking With Yemaya Team

Sea Kayaking With Yemaya Team

Yemaya Adventures Crew

Yemaya Adventures crew

Kayaking Among The Mangroves

Kayaking Among The Mangroves

Yemaya Adventures offers guided tours for sea kayaking and hiking activities on Île d’Ambre. The guides employed by Yemaya Adventures possess the necessary qualifications, and the company itself has obtained accreditations from certified institutions. To book your sea kayaking or hiking experience at Île d’Ambre, please contact them using the following contact details:


Île d’Ambre is a genuine gem that has been converted into a prosperous national park to preserve nature and uphold the biodiversity of its wildlife and plant species. This location in Mauritius is exceptional and highly recommended for a visit. Allocate a full day of your time and indulge in the exhilarating experience of either sea kayaking or hiking in that location. You will have no regrets whatsoever!

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Ali Jareehag

Author: Ali J | Date Published: February 19, 2024 | Last Updated: N/A

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