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Into the Wild: Exploring Fadya Nazirkhan's Forest and Seascape Paintings

Immerse yourself in the quiet realm of Fadya Nazirkhan’s artwork, where serene seascapes, and misty landscapes come together in perfect harmony.

Imagining a scenario might be so engrossing that you wish you could spend all your time there. When we let our minds wander, we can imagine things we really want to happen. We say that because there are no bounds to imagination. We are about to embark on Fadya Nazirkhan’s artistic adventure today.

In the Depths of Forests and Seas

Fadya wears several hats. Former journalist and adviser in Communication, she is currently a lecturer in communication, PR and Journalism. She is also the Russian translator and interpreter at the Supreme Court of Mauritius, well, the list goes on. Despite her heavy schedule, Fadya is passionate about fine art and lets her creativity unfold via acrylic and oil paintings. She really likes forest, seascapes, with some fog. Let’s know her more below.
Fadya Nazirkhan

QUESTION: Following your HSC, you obtained a scholarship from the Government of India to study Fine Arts since you were ranked after the laureate. Still, you decided to opt for another career path. Now, as an artist, do you wish you had different decision?

FADYA NAZIRKHAN: “I loved painting and still do. While it’s true that I obtained a scholarship to study Fine Arts, I equally obtained other scholarships to study LLB and Journalism. I finally opted to pursue my studies in Journalism through a scholarship by the Russian Federation, and it’s a decision I’d never change for the simple reason that Journalism is a noble profession, and it has offered me the unique opportunity to witness and report what is happening around us, first hand. It’s a job that had forged my character and led me into Communication, and I’m happy to be able to share this passion with my students as a University lecturer today.

I always weighed that painting is something that I could still do in parallel, and as you can see, I’m living by this choice today. I can say that I’m happy that I didn’t chose Fine Arts at University because as we can see, only a few artists can actually make a living out of art in Mauritius. We’re sadly a country with a small population where art is not valued as in some other countries. At the same time, given the challenging times people are facing in the country, I totally understand that buying art is not a priority.”

QUESTION: Your works show a fondness for mist, shadow, and bloom techniques. These designs appeal to you for what?

FADYA NAZIRKHAN: “Yes, I love painting misty forests, and the ocean as well. These are my inspiration. The allure of misty forests and oceans for me goes beyond just their visual beauty. They tap into a wellspring of emotions and artistic possibilities. You see, the mist creates some sort of mystery and enchantment. inviting the viewer to wonder what lies hidden within the trees or beyond the horizon. This creates a sense of wonder and enchantment, a quality I love to capture in my paintings. The combination of mist and natural landscapes evokes a range of moods. A misty forest can feel peaceful and introspective, while a misty ocean can be dramatic and powerful. I enjoy exploring these different moods through my brushstrokes.”

QUESTION: Your main topics are often landscapes and seascapes; waves, beaches, oceans, forest, waterfalls. Have you ever tried other categories, such as portrait, still life, or others?

FADYA NAZIRKHAN: “You’ve noticed correctly! I feel that both forests and oceans are powerful symbols that resonate deeply with many people. Forests represent nature’s untamed beauty, a sense of refuge and mystery. Oceans evoke feelings of vastness, power, and the unknown. By painting these landscapes and seascapes – sometimes draped in mist – I try to connect with viewers on an emotional level and evoke a sense of awe and wonder. I’ve, nonetheless, explored other categories such as charcoal drawings, portraits, still life, and even animal paintings. I can say that the category I decide to paint or draw is largely influenced by my mood.”

QUESTION: Acrylic and oil! As you work with both, which one you prefer the most?

FADYA NAZIRKHAN: “Both acrylic and oil painting offer unique experiences and cater to different artistic moods. Acrylics are all about immediacy. The fast-drying time pushes me to work quickly and make decisions on the spot. It fosters a sense of spontaneity and allows for happy accidents that can spark creativity. I also opt for acrylics when I really want to play with texture. On the other hand, there’s a certain romance to oil paints. They’ve been the medium of choice for so many artistic masters. The richness of the colours and the way they build upon each other feels timeless and seamless. I’m having a growing fondness for oil paintings because of the soft transitions, luminous layering of colours, vibrancy, and depth.”

QUESTION: Where would you find time to paint given your hectic lecturing schedule and PhD research?

FADYA NAZIRKHAN: “Good question! As a matter of fact, a painting takes much time, sometimes weeks, or even months to complete. I can even go back to a painting after years! I paint when I feel like it during my free time. It might be at 3 a.m. or after a long day of lecture as it helps me relax. Most of the time, I’d paint during weekends, and when I do, I often lose track of time, but it’s something that I never get tired of. Instead, it helps me focus, cut off, and feel happy.”

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Author: Ali J | Date Published: July 11, 2024 | Last Updated: NA

Special Thanks: Fadya Nazirkhan.

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