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Old Prison Compound Port-Louis

The Old Prison Compound Of Port-Louis

Located in Port-Louis, between Maillard Street and George Guibert Street, there is an old establishment that has been abandoned and is located right behind...

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Château Val Ory

Château Val Ory: A Rich Iranian Heritage

The Château Val Ory, nestled in a secluded area of Moka and encircled by breathtaking scenery, holds significant cultural, historical, and diplomatic connections with...

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The City of Port-Louis: Old & New Street Names

The City of Port-Louis: Old & New Street Names

Hundreds of streets in Port-Louis have seen transformations throughout the centuries, from the French and British to the independence era. Only a few of...

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Windmills in Mauritius

Windmills In Mauritius

Mauritius has a long and illustrious history in the sugar industry. We had over 200 sugar mills and aloe fiber mills, but there were...

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The First Elephant in Mauritius

The First Elephant In Mauritius

Due to human activities and cruelties, most of our native endemic animals' survival is at risk. Fortunately, with the immense efforts on conservation plans...

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Sugar Mills' Chimneys In Mauritius

Sugar Mills’ Chimneys In Mauritius

Since sugarcane was introduced by Adriaan Van Der Stel in 1639, nobody imagined this plant would create such an immense impact. However, it turned...

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Powder Mill of Pamplemousses featured image

The Old Powder Mill Of Pamplemousses Historical Site

The historic site of the Old Powder Mill, which is situated in a secluded part of Pamplemousses, has been neglected and in terrible condition...

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