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Set off in a voyage of exploration in Mauritius to find cultural treasures, natural beauties, and secret jewels on this island paradise.


Exploring Souillac In Mauritius: Where History Meets Serenity

The South has long been regarded as one of the island’s most stunning regions. Popular tourist destinations include Mahebourg, Saint-Félix, and Bel Ombre.

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Volcanoes in Mauritius

Volcanoes In Mauritius

Mauritius, a Mascarene island in the Indian Ocean, with a latitude of -20° 12' 23.94" S and a longitude of 57° 40' 31.80" E,...

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Top 7 highest peaks in Mauritius

Top 7 Highest Peaks In Mauritius

Did you know that there are over 80 peaks on our small island? I bet not! We frequently hear the most common ones, especially...

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Eureka House

The Eureka House With Jacques de Maroussem

Located in the picturesque village of Moka, the Creole-style house, Eureka, boasts a tranquil setting, some lovely waterfalls, and an incredible garden filled with...

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Ile D'ambre Mauritius

Discover Amber Island (Île d’Ambre) In Mauritius

Located approximately 2.2 kilometers from the picturesque village of Poudre D'Or, Amber Island, also known as "Île d'Ambre", is a stunning destination that is...

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Road cycling and mountain biking in Mauritius

Road Cycling & Mountain Biking In Mauritius

Cycling has always been part of the local culture for decades. You may remember your grandparent's old black Phoenix bicycle, which we called "Bisiklet...

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Daruty Forest Trail

Explore The Daruty Forest Trail In Mauritius

The Daruty Forest is located in Petit Raffray, Mauritius Island. Often seen as a spooky place, this area offers us a magnificent opportunity to...

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Flamboyant trees in Mauritius

Flamboyant Trees In Mauritius

At each end of the year, they bring happiness to our mood when they blossom. We find them in many parts of the island,...

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Top 10 Longest Rivers In Mauritius

Top 10 Longest Rivers In Mauritius

With Mauritius' numerous rivers, some have significant geological, historical, and resource implications. This article will describe the top ten longest rivers in Mauritius, as...

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Le Pouce mountain Mauritius

Le Pouce Mountain In Mauritius

Le Pouce Mountain, one of the most popular summits in Mauritius, has a lot to tell us about its geological characteristics and historical events....

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Lighthouses in Mauritius

The 4 Main Lighthouses In Mauritius

A lighthouse guides captains of the seas in their navigational process. Most lighthouses that exist worldwide look like a tower as architecture and have...

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Pyramids of Plaine Magnien

REAL FACTS: The Plaine Magnien Pyramids

Discovery REAL FACTS: The Plaine Magnien Pyramids The real secrets and facts about the Plaine Magnien pyramids in Mauritius have been exposed. Discover on...

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Domaine de Labourdonnais

Discover The Domaine De Labourdonnais

Situated in the North of Mauritius, surrounded by inactive volcanic cones such as Butte aux Papayes Hill and Forbach Hill, the Domaine de Labourdonnais...

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Flat Island

Explore Flat Island In Mauritius

We are blessed to be surrounded by several beautiful islets. Many businesses and individuals have relied on them for income, as well as the...

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Pieter Both mountain

Pieter Both Mountain In Mauritius

There is always something that will capture your attention while driving on the motorway of Verdun-Ripailles. There are gorgeous greenish landscapes but most probably,...

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