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Top 7 Highest Peaks In Mauritius

Discover the top 7 highest peaks in Mauritius. Many of them are famously known, while 2 peaks will surprise you in the list.

Top 7 highest peaks in Mauritius

Did you know that there are over 80 peaks on our small island? I bet not! We frequently hear the most common ones, especially the popular. Even so, many locals are perplexed or simply do not know which are the highest peaks inland. This article will teach you about the top 7 highest peaks in Mauritius.

1. Piton De La Petite Rivière Noire (828m)

Piton De La Petite Rivière Noire
On the summit of the mountain.

The highest peak is located in the Black River mountain range in Mauritius’s south-west. Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire is estimated to be 828m above sea level. However, the peak is being eroded, and its height will undoubtedly be reduced in the coming decades. The mountain is not difficult to climb; it all depends on which tracks you choose. There are basically three ways to climb it. The most common and straightforward is from the Plaine Champagne Trail. The other two are from Chamarel (moderate) and Black River Gorges National Park (hard). Watch this video of the Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire.

2. Pieter Both (820m)

Pieter Both.
The peak of Pieter Both.

Now comes Mauritius’ second-highest peak, the stunning Pieter Both. This iconic mountain, which stands at approximately 820m, never ceases to amaze us. Pieter Both is regarded as one of the most difficult to climb, particularly the final section, known as the head section. It requires mountaineering gear. If you do not want to ascend to the top, you can stop before it. Nonetheless, climbing the mountain requires unwavering endurance. The breathtaking views of Mauritius’ various regions will astound you from the top. A comprehensive article on Pieter Both can be read here, illustrating its historical significance, tragedies that have occurred there, and so on.

3. Le Pouce (810m)

Le Pouce
On the top of Le Pouce summit.

The most popular peak among mountaineers in the Port-Louis region is Le Pouce. It is the third-highest peak in the area, standing at approximately 810m. Unfortunately, this mountain is also experiencing erosion problems. Le Pouce shares incredible historical facts. For example, Charles Darwin ascended it during his visit to Mauritius. Le Pouce also has beautiful fauna and flora. Furthermore, it was a popular spot among maroon slaves. Climbing Le Pouce is simple, but getting to the top of the peak requires some effort due to its deterioration. It can be climbed via several routes, including Petit Verger, Le Dauguet Nature Trail, and Chitrakoot. Learn more about Le Pouce in this entirely dedicated article here.

4. Cocotte Mountain (780m)

Cocotte Mountain
On the top of Cocotte peak.

Cocotte mountain is located on Mont Blanc, near the Bassin Blanc crater lake. This densely populated mountain is rarely chosen by hikers due to the lack of spectacular views from the summit. The abundance of trees and shrubs has a negative impact there. However, this peak is the fourth highest in Mauritius. There are two ways to climb it: from the Alexandra Trail, just after the Cascade des 500 Pieds, or from the Mont Blanc regions. Cocotte mountain becomes very muddy during rainy seasons.

5. Grand Peak (771m)

Grand Peak
Grand Peak, just behind Grand Glacis.

A lesser-known peak in Mauritius, ranked fifth as highest. Grand Peak is part of the same range as Pieter Both mountain. This area is dangerous, and only experienced mountaineers should attempt it. Peakery.com reports that the peak stands at a height of approximately 771m. Few people who have climbed it share similar data in their GPX files.

6. Grand Glacis (760m)

Grand Glacis
The peak behind Pieter Both.

Grand Glacis is located between Grand Peak and Pieter Both. It is well-known for its deep, split geological structure. Similar to Grand Peak, this section is reserved for professional climbers. Peakery.com lists its height as 760m. Grand Glacis is relatively unknown to the public.

7. Corps de Garde (740m)

Corps de Garde
The top view from Corps de Garde.

Finally, this post concludes with Corps de Garde Mountain. The top section is 740m tall, making it the highest peak in the region. Corps de Garde was a military post during the French era, so it is named after it. Furthermore, an interesting fact is that the basaltic formation at the base of the mountain depicts a man lying down. The mountain has a moderate climb. However, on the ridge, it becomes very windy, so be careful. Some documents show the height as 720m, but it is actually around 740m, making it Mauritius’ seventh-tallest peak. Watch video of Corps de Garde here.


To summarize, here are the top 7 highest peaks in Mauritius. If you intend to climb a few of them, please ensure that you are accompanied by professional guides. Protect the environment and do not litter in nature. Learn more about the top mountains to climb in Mauritius here.

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Ali Jareehag

uthor: Ali J | Date Published: January 9, 2024 | Last Updated: NA

References: Peakery.com, Atlas of Mauritius (EOI).

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