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Explore Mauritius’s varied cuisine, which combines Indian, Creole, Chinese, and French influences into a distinctive gastronomic experience.

Carré Rouge Cake

Carré Rouge: The Mauritian Lamington Cake Recipe

It is commonly believed that the Carré Rouge is originated from Mauritius. Unfortunately, it is not the case. What we have in Mauritius is...

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Lali's Snacks

Ghantiya & Chevro, Tasty Gujarati Sev Snacks In Mauritius

Ghantiya and Chevro are two sev snacks that are offered by Lali's Snacks and may be enjoyed on any occasion. Both of them are...

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Napolitaines: A Mauritian Heritage With Recipe

Napolitaines: A Mauritian Heritage With Recipe

Who does not enjoy a napolitaine with tea or coffee? This biscuit has won the hearts of Mauritians and the rest of the world...

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