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Things To Do In Mauritius

Learn more on various activities you can do in Mauritius during your holidays. A list of the best things to do can be consulted here.
Things to do in Mauritius

Mauritius is well-known for its diverse opportunities to take advantage of while on vacation. Be it locals or foreigners, there are many activities to enjoy. Among the best things to do in Mauritius are hiking, shopping, visiting places of interest, and more.

Hiking in Mauritius

Hiking & Trekking

The island has more than 100 peaks, including hills, waterfalls, and nature trails. Hiking and trekking activities are popular here. Our country includes picturesque mountains such as the famous Pieter Both, Le Pouce, Piton de la petite Rivière Noire, etc. Even though our peaks face erosion issues, they still offer breathtaking views from the top. Iconic mountains like Pieter Both and Le Pouce are the most preferred by tourists. Pieter Both is the second-highest peak, while the latter is the third. Piton de la petite Rivière Noire is the first highest mountain, with a height of 828m. See a list of the top mountains to climb for more ideas.

Additionally, waterfalls have always been a craze. Hikers and trekkers often choose them during the summer to enjoy mother nature’s rivers and water flows. Not all waterfalls are easy to trek to. The famous Cascade de 500 Pieds is officially the highest non-one-flow waterfall in Mauritius, and it is quite dangerous to hike to the bottom. Chamarel Falls is the highest waterfall, and it also offers a magnificent view from the top. Other famous waterfalls to hike or trek to are Rochester Falls, Exil, Mamzel, and others. See a list of the top waterfalls to add to your list.

Even though our country has less than 2% of native forests, we still have gorgeous nature trails to hike on. Most of the finest ones are located in the Black River Gorges region. Nature trails vary widely in difficulty, but most are appropriate for all ages. Examples of popular nature trails are Le Dauguet, Sophie Nature Walk, Daruty, Le Pétrin, etc. See the top nature trails article for more information.

Aquatic activities in Mauritius

Aquatic activities

We are surrounded by the sea, and our beaches are the number one reason why foreigners choose Mauritius for their holidays. We have a dozen approved public beaches with gorgeous turquoise water. Swimming and picnicking with friends or relatives are the most enjoyable aquatic activities. Apart from snorkeling in the lagoons, fishing, paddling, and kite surfing, we also love sailing in our seas. We sail on catamarans to visit other lovable islets such as Flat Island, Gabriel Islet, and others.

The longest beach in the North is Mon Choisy. While in the East is Belle Mare, in the West, Flic-en-Flac and in the South, Saint Félix. Not all beaches are favorable for aquatic activities. Some of them are prohibited to swim such as Le Souffleur, Gris-Gris, Poste LaFayette, Bénares, etc. Please respect our beaches. Do not litter and pollute the water. Read the top beaches in Mauritius for more details.

Places of Interest & Sightseeing in Mauritius

Visit Places Of Interest & Sightseeing

The island is rich with fantastic places of interest and sightseeing. Examples are museums, historical places, monuments, viewpoints, and so forth. Popular museums are Blue Penny, the National History Museum, the Natural History Museum, among others. Famous tourist attractions include Le Souffleur, Pont Naturel, Macondé;, Fort Adelaide, and yadda yadda.

By visiting places of interest and sightseeing, you will learn and discover more additional sides of our country, such as history or culture. Visits to them can be organized by different tour operators, or you can simply check out the top places of interest and sightseeing post for more information.

Shopping in Mauritius

Shopping, Shopping & Shopping

It is believed that we have more shopping malls than hospitals here. Well, it is true! Mauritians shop a lot, and tourists do too when they come here. Shopping malls offer flexible solutions like entertainment, cultural and fun activities, food courts, etc.

Mauritius’s popular shopping malls are Bagatelle Mall, Caudan Waterfront, Grand-Baie La Croisette, Mahogany, and others. As mentioned earlier, most shopping malls have cinemas, game houses, and shops where you can carry out your errands. Parking facilities are available, security guards secure the places, foods are everywhere. In fact, food courts are the most crowded areas in shopping malls here.

Other activities in Mauritius

Other activities

Apart from hiking, trekking, swimming, shopping, etc., here are a few other activities you can choose from. Examples are outdoor fun. There are a dozen places which provide outdoor activities like quad-biking, zip-lining, Nepalese Bridge crossing, rock climbing or if you want the extreme risky ones, opt for skydiving.

Tourists can learn more about the locals by interacting with them. Learn about our cultures, music, religious beliefs, local cuisines, lifestyles, or similar aspects. Our history, for example, is fascinating to know.


Hence, this section elaborates on a plethora of activities you can do while in Mauritius. Even though we are a tiny dot in the Indian Ocean, we offer so much to spice up your life and bring you a smile to your face. Have fun in Mauritius!

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