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Discover Mauritius’s rich legacy by means of music, dance, celebrations, and artistic traditions, so highlighting its dynamic arts and cultures.

Into the Wild: Exploring Fadya Nazirkhan’s Forest and Seascape Paintings

Imagining a scenario might be so engrossing that you wish you could spend all your time there. When we let our minds wander, we...

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Fartima Hosany arts

Fatima Hosany, A Passion For Handcrafted Canvas

In today’s world, handcrafted canvas artists are not as prevalent as they once were, and Fatima Hosany is one of the few genuine treasures...

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Ashley Juggoo Paintings

Ashley Juggoo, A Passionate Artist

Since he was a child, Ashley Juggoo has always pursued his passion and love for painting. A Chemistry teacher at Bhujoharry College Boys, La...

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Caroline Mandron painting

Introducing Karo, A Mauritian Cultural Artist

From the lovely seaside town of Pereybere, Caroline Mandron, sometimes known as “Karo,” lives with brushes and paints, then lets her ideas flow across...

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Poetry Slam, A Rising Art In Mauritius

Poetry Slam, A Rising Art In Mauritius

Poetry has evolved in various ways because poets want to express themselves differently. Poems are works of literature that generate a rhythmic awareness of...

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