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Top Mountains In Mauritius

Discover the most popular mountains in Mauritius Island to plan a wonderful hike with your friends or family and enjoy fantastic views from the summits.

Mountains in Mauritius

Mauritius, a volcanic island, has amazing mountains! Hiking has become a popular activity on the island for some years. Many persons want to cut off from the usual busy life and enjoy nature from the top of a mountain somewhere. The island is composed of approximately more than 100 peaks. Mountains and hills are in every district. It is difficult to climb all of them. Certain mountains and hills are in private lands for which permission is required or simply, they require equipment to ascend. It is highly recommended to be fit physically and healthy before climbing a particular mountain. If you are a mountain lover and want to enjoy this adrenaline sensation, below is a list of the top mountains to climb in Mauritius.

Black River Peak

Black River Peak Mauritius
The highest peak in Mauritius, 828m as height. It can be climbed through different tracks but the most common is from Plaine Champagne main road.

Pieter Both

Pieter Both in Mauritius
The second highest peak with a height of 820m and popular for its iconic rocky structure on the top, Pieter Both is a very technical mountain to climb.

Le Pouce

Le Pouce Mauritius
810m in height, Le Pouce is situated on the Moka range. It is well-known for its "thumb" shaped structure and offers amazing views from above.

Corps De Garde

Corps de Garde mountain Mauritius
The best mountain to climb in the Central Plateau region! Corps de Garde derived its name from a rocky structure that resembles a man lying down.

Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne Brabant Mauritius
Located in Le Morne, famous for the rich history it holds on slavery, Le Morne Brabant is a peak to not be missed for the amazing views from the summit.


Lion mountain Mauritius
It is the most popular mountain in the Grand-Port range, with a height of 480m and offers splendid views. It can be ascended through different ways as well.

Piton Savanne

Piton Savanne mountain Mauritius
If you want a mountain where you can enjoy a hike in the fog, or be surrounded by the clouds on rainy days, then Piton Savanne is the one to climb and enjoy.

Montagne des Signaux

Montagne des Signaux Mauritius
Located in Port-Louis, it can be considered the easiest mountain to climb in Mauritius as the track is fully tarmac and it is just 323m in height.

Deux Mamelles

Deux Mamelles mountain Mauritius
It has 2 peaks, West and East. The West peak is a bit technical to ascend while the East is quite easy but steeper. It is situated in Ripailles.

Tourelle Du Tamarin

Tourelle du Tamarin
An isolated peak in the West, at Tamarin, the Tourelle du Tamarin is 560m high and technical to ascend.

Other Mountains To Hike in Mauritius

Still want to conquer other peaks? Consider few more peaks to add in your bucket list. They are Quoin Bluff, Trois Mamelles, Le Chat Et La Souris, Snail Rock, Piton Canot, Cocotte, Calebasse, Candos Hill, Piton Jacob, Virgin Peak, Chapman Hill, Rempart (Private property), Simonet, Brise Fer, Fendue, Fayence, Montagne Blanche, Bambous, and La Grave.

Get Your Backpack Ready...

Ready for new adventures? What are you waiting for? Grab your backpack and go. The mountains are calling! It is highly recommended to get a qualified hiking guide if you do not know any climbing tracks for your safety. Always protect the environment and be careful. Happy trekking!

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Author: Ali J | Last Updated: December 15, 2022

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