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Mauritius Travel Tips

Are you planning to visit Mauritius? Here are some useful travel tips to help you organizing your trip.

Travel tips in Mauritius

It is extremely critical to have an up-to-date passport. You can apply with a signed form in the Mauritius Passport & Immigration section. The website has all the necessary information for your questions about Visas, Passports, Immigration, Occupation Permit, Resident Permit, and others. Not all countries require a visa to stay in Mauritius for holidays. For more information on the countries exempt from visas, please contact the Passport & Immigration Office.

Before applying to any of them, please ensure you have the following documents:

-Two passport-sized photos. They must be recent.

-Photocopies of passport, visa, birth certificate, and all related documents, depending on which form you are applying for.

Another essential factor to consider is your passport expiration date. It should not be beyond the number of days of your Mauritius stay.

Tickets & Funds

Every tourist who plans to visit Mauritius must have a return ticket. A suitable daily budget is mandatory to stay in Mauritius. You will have all the necessary information from your travel agency, but it is normally around $100 per day.


Accommodation can be in hotels, lodges, Airbnb stays, or at a resident’s house (family or friend). It is required that you provide evidence of your accommodation. If it is a hotel, you will be required to provide information. An official sponsorship document with the number of days is required if the event is at the place of a local citizen.

Duty-Free Shopping

Tourists can enjoy tax-free shopping in hundreds of stores in Mauritius. They can save up to 15% by claiming VAT/Tax paid on bought items. Only registered stores are eligible for this offer.

Sales receipts must be kept safely to claim your refund. A minimum of Rs2,300 purchase value is needed to benefit from the tax refund. Visit taxfreeshopping.mu for more details.

General Information & Tips

  • The national currency is the Mauritian rupee (Rs).
  • Our time zone is GMT/UTC +4.
  • We drive on the left-hand side.
  • Mauritians are multilingual. English is our national language, French is our secondary national language, and Mauritian Kreol is our native language. Some of the population speaks Bhojpuri, Mandarin and other foreign languages.
  • We use European plug pins, with 220/230 volts.
  • Mauritius’s capital is Port-Louis.
  • The modes of transportation in the country are taxi, bus, tram, and helicopter.
  • You can drink tap water. Avoid drinking it in public parks, markets or bus stations.
  • Respect religious and spiritual places. At these places, dress decently and avoid drinking, smoking, and talking louder. Some places prohibit meat eating, depending on religious and spiritual beliefs.
  • Secure your wallet and handbags in markets, bus stations, shopping malls and other public places.
  • Always negotiate the price before buying.
  • Verify your accommodations if they are registered and approved by the authority to welcome foreign guests.
  • If you hold a valid license, you can drive in Mauritius.
  • Secure your passport in hotels, or anywhere you stay.
  • Always check if your taxi is registered.
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry in public places.
  • Avoid carrying a large sum of money while visiting public places.
  • When you make a purchase in a store, always ask for a receipt or invoice.

Emergency & Useful Numbers

Police: 999 or 112.

SAMU: 114.

Fire Services: 115.

Mauritius Weather Station: +230 6861031.

Mauritius Tax Shopping: 230 2034830.

Mauritius Passport & Immigration Office: +230 2602073.

Mauritius Tourism Authority: +230 2031000 or 8910.

Mauritius Airport: +230 603 8000.

Air Mauritius: +230 2077575.

Mauritius Revenue Authority: +230 2076000.

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