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Ashley Juggoo, A Passionate Artist

An artist who draws inspiration from the countryside…

Ashley Juggoo Paintings

Since he was a child, Ashley Juggoo has always pursued his passion and love for painting. A Chemistry teacher at Bhujoharry College Boys, La Tour Koenig, his portfolio is filled with landscape paintings that portray the countryside, local people, and, in a nutshell, everything that you do not see in the town.

Ashley Juggoo

He Finds Peace Through Landscapes

The mediums of acrylic, aquarelle, watercolor, and oil knife are among his areas of expertise. The landscapes of Mauritius are reflected in his paintings, which are beautiful on their own. He finds the village of Crève-Coeur to be one of the most inspiring places. He has a great attachment with the sugarcane fields, the Bedford truck, and the laborers. Born and raised in the town of Port-Louis, he has eventually come to the realization that in order to further his interest in different cultures, he must look elsewhere. Learn more about him below.

QUESTION: A chemistry teacher enjoys painting. Why didn’t you select art as career instead?

ASHLEY JUGGOO: “I’ve enjoyed painting since I was a child. However, many people discouraged me, claiming it’s difficult to make a living from art and that it’s merely a pastime. Despite this, I pursued my passion in Chemistry, enrolling at the University of Mauritius in 1999. Soon after college, I started working as a Chemistry educator, which gave me a sense of stability. With this assurance, I felt more confident in reigniting my interest in printing and began experimenting with new media.”

QUESTION: Your paintings depict a lot of beauty of different landscapes. As someone who lives in town, it appears that you have a strong relationship to villages. Why?

ASHLEY JUGGOO: “Nowadays, city life is increasingly demanding. We’re surrounded by tall buildings and busy streets. Sometimes we need a more tranquil environment to be stress-free. My devotion to our villages stems from the fact that they continue to provide calm views ideal for relaxation and meditation. As a result, my paintings depict more calm villages. These villages have numerous gorgeous mountains, beaches, and lush green landscapes. My artworks also encourage people to be more concerned about keeping a pollution-free environment.”

QUESTION: As a teacher, how do you see today’s student interest in the arts?

ASHLEY JUGGOO: “Many students pick art because they don’t have the necessary number of topics for SC or HSC. To excel in this sector, I believe you must have a real passion for the subject. Their inability to accurately articulate their feelings makes art a difficult subject for them.”

QUESTION: Who are your favorite artists to find inspiration from?

ASHLEY JUGGOO: “My favorite Mauritian artists are Kishan Beejadhur and Francois Vrot. They portray the beauty and serenity of Mauritius. They cherish the daily activities of fisherman and cane cutters, not to mention the famed flame and Banyan trees. I was also influenced by the combination of warm and cool hues that they typically utilized.”

Buy His Paintings

Check out his online gallery on: ashleyjuggooarts.com. Feel free to reach him on +230 57599275 or at ashjuggoo@gmail.com. He is also on Facebook.

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Author: Ali J | Date Published: June 17, 2024 | Last Updated: NA

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