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Top 10 Longest Rivers In Mauritius

Discover the top 10 longest rivers in Mauritius. Learn about them geographically, and their magnificent wonders.

Top 10 Longest Rivers In Mauritius

With Mauritius’ numerous rivers, some have significant geological, historical, and resource implications. This article will describe the top ten longest rivers in Mauritius, as well as their wonders.

From The Central Plateau To The Sea

We can say that a large proportion of our rivers flow from the Central Plateau to the sea. Upper areas form borders where rivers flow quickly and create beautiful waterfalls. Some rivers, such as the Grand-River North-West and Rivière Sèche, flow through valleys. Mauritius, an island where valleys, gorges, and mountains were formed by lava flows through volcanoes, rivers have traced their paths, through tributaries or estuaries, flowing magnificently to the coasts, or diverting through feeder canals to serve as water resources to our reservoirs.

1. Grand-River South East (27.67km)

Grand-River South East Mauritius
The Grand-River South East waterfall.

Let us begin with the Grand-River South East, Mauritius’ longest river. With a length of nearly 28 kilometers, the river’s source is near Butte Chaumon, a volcanic crater near the Midlands regions. The river flows through several villages, including Midlands, Sans Souci, Belle Rive, and others, before ending in the south-east at the village of Grand-River South East. Diamamouve, Pavé Citron, and Midlands Dam are a few of the significant dams that have resulted from it. Among its wonders is the stunning Grand-River South East waterfall, which attracts hundreds of visitors every day. The river also flows between deep valleys in some places.

2. Rivière Du Poste (22.25km)

Rivière Du Poste waterfall
The Rivière Du Poste waterfall.

Rivière Du Poste is Mauritius’ second-longest river, measuring 22.25 kilometers in length. The source begins in the upper regions near Mare aux Vacoas and flows through various locations such as La Flora, Rivière du Poste village, and L’Escalier before ending at Bassin Carangue. Cascade Rioux, Cascade Rivière du Poste, the old railway bridge of L’Escalier, a few waterfalls located in L’Escalier, the famous Pont Rouge (Red Bridge), a national heritage, and, of course, Bassin Carangue are among the beautiful places to hike and visit, which are derived from the river flows.

3. Rivière du Poste de Flacq (21.25km)

Rivière du Poste-de-Flacq Mauritius
The old railway bridge of Rivière du Poste de Flacq.

With a length of 21.25 kilometers, the Rivière du Poste de Flacq is Mauritius’ third-longest river. The source begins near L’Unité and flows through Saint Julien, Constance, and ends at Poste de Flacq. Riche Fond Spiritual Park, the old bridge of Riche Fond, the old railway bridge of Poste de Flacq, and the limekiln of Poste de Flacq are some interesting sites to visit that are derived from the river.

4. Rivière La Chaux (20.42km)

Rivière La Chaux Mauritius
The beautiful Rivière La Chaux.

The Rivière La Chaux, with a length of 20.42 kilometers, begins in the Rose Belle regions and amazes us with its beautiful waterfalls such as Khulpateea and Edward. The river passes through Beau Vallon sugar estates, behind Mahebourg Museum, Rivière La Chaux’s sugar mill ruin, and ends at Mahebourg village, which can be seen from the famous Cavendish historic bridge.

5. Rivière Savanne (15.99km)

Rivière Savanne Mauritius
A part of Rivière Savanne, flowing to Terracine.

This river is well-known for its magnificent waterfalls, including Cascade Savanne, Cascade Terracine, Cascade Marazine, Rochester Falls, Cascade Cécile, Cascade Léon, and others. The Cécile Dam is formed by the river flow. The river ends between the villages of Surinam and Souillac, near the Batelage and Souillac cemetery.

6. Rivière Tamarin (15.30km)

Rivière Tamarin Mauritius
The bridge at Rivière Tamarin.

The river of Tamarin, with the renowned Tamarind Falls, is another wonderful river that flows through different locations such as Henrietta, Yemen, before ending in the village of Tamarin. The river’s mouth connects with the Rempart River. The length of the Rivière Tamarin is 15.30 kilometers.

7. Rivière du Rempart - West (15.13km)

Rivière du Rempart Mauritius
A waterfall from Rempart River.

The Rempart River flows in the west of Mauritius. This Rempart River, not to be confused with another Rempart River in the north-east, is approximately 15.13 kilometers long. Rempart River flows through Beaux Songes, creating magnificent waterfalls before joining River Tamarin in the sea.

8. Rivière Tabac (14.15km)

Rivière Tabac Mauritius
The end of Rivière Tabac.

Rivière Tabac flows through Mare Tabac, Savannah, L’Escalier, and finally La Sourdine. Bassin Canon and Bassin Marmite are two of the river’s wonders. There is also the historic L’Escalier railway bridge.

9. Grand-River North West (13.82km)

Grand-River North West Mauritius
The bridge of Grand-River North West ahead.

Grand-River North West is the ninth-longest river in Mauritius. There has long been a prevailing misconception that it is the second longest river, but this is incorrect, as it only spans approximately 14 kilometers. The Bassin Canard river originates from it and the river flows through several locations, including Réduit, Montebello, Sorèze, and Grand-River North West. It passes under various bridges, including the highest bridge in Mauritius, Sorèze, and the old railway bridge built by engineer Llyod. In addition, there is a dam and a few waterfalls.

10. Grande Rivière Noire (11.87km)

Grande Rivière Noire Mauritius
The Grande Rivière Noire at the Black River Gorges National Park.

Concluding our list of the longest rivers in Mauritius is Grand Rivière Noire. The river, spanning almost 12 kilometers, courses through the Black River Gorges National Park, creating diminutive waterfalls and streams. The Black River Gorges National Park is renowned for its exceptionally clear water in certain areas.


Our island boasts not only stunning mountains and beaches, but also other captivating features. Mauritius is also home to stunning rivers that give rise to numerous breathtaking waterfalls. The Grand-River South East is our longest inland river, while the Grand Rivière Noire ranks tenth in length. Kindly ensure the preservation of our rivers’ cleanliness, refraining from any form of pollution, as they also function as conduits for our reservoirs, which provide us with consumable water.

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