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Ghantiya & Chevro, Tasty Gujarati Sev Snacks In Mauritius

Ghantiya and Chevro are two sev snacks that are offered by Lali’s Snacks and may be enjoyed on any occasion. Both of them are homemade Gujarat snacks with the intention of enhancing the taste of the Mauritius market.

Lali's Snacks

Sev, a popular Mauritian snack, has been around for decades. Today, the local market sells sev in varied packaging and flavors. You may not have tried Chevro and Ghantiya among all the sev snacks. We will explore them with Yudishteer Varjangbhay, a young entrepreneur, owner of Lali’s Snacks, who promises to get your tongue clapping.

Ghantiya and Chevro

Ghantiya Sev
Ghantiya Sev

Ghantiya is a form of thick sev that is suitable for individuals who find that they enjoy a flavor that is not hot. Because this one is thicker, it may give you the feeling that you are having Moulkoo; nonetheless, it is very different to Moulkoo; so, you should not confuse it with Moulkoo. The taste gives a melting feeling allowing you to enjoy both the salty, pepper and Ajwain flavors. It is excellent to serve Ghantiya at any occasion, such as parties, gatherings, picnics, and so on, because it is crisp and has a flavor similar to pepper. It pairs really well with a good masala tea.

A one-of-a-kind and specially formulated salt known as Papad Khar is added to it, and it is said to aid in the digestive process. You are free to consume any beverage with it.

Chevro Sev

On the other hand, opt for Chevro if you want a spicy sev and want to experience the sensation of a spicy flavour inside your mouth. The way in which it is prepared is one of a kind. The batter is made from chickpea flour, and it is then fried in hot vegetable oil, which transforms it into a form that gives you a crunch texture blended with the spices. It is then seasoned with cinnamon, pepper, and chilli powder, with the sole purpose of making the mouth feel like it is on fire. As an additional accompaniment, the sev is served with curry leaves, roasted peanuts, and flat rice, which is commonly referred to as “Poha” in the terminology of Indian cuisine.

The finest time to serve Chevro is within the company of relatives, on a picnic, during a family gathering, or as gajak for any event. Beer, soft drinks, energy drinks, and sodas are the beverages that are best suited for it.

And if you are wondering, rest assure that the snacks at Lali’s, are all vegan, gluten-free, with no MSG added!

Sev with Beer
Many love it with a beer.
A variety of ingredients to make it tasty.
Chevro snacks sev
The Chevro is often most appreciated.

What Is Lali's Snacks?

From the Varjangbhay family comes the origin of the recipes. Lalita, Yudishteer’s grandmother, has been the recipient of the recipes, which have their roots in Gujarat and have been passed down to her. In the 1900s, the first Varjangbhay was established in Mauritius. Lalita followed up with the recipes, and she passed them on to her grandchild, Yudishteer. In 2021, he chose to pursue his goals of being an entrepreneur by creating Lali’s Snacks. He took the legacy into his own hands and made the decision to achieve his dreams. The hospitality industry is one in which Yudishteer has a wealth of experience. After his studies in Hospitality and Management, he interned and worked at a variety of hotels, local restaurants and cafes during the early part of his career. Following that, Lali’s Snacks came into existence, and he invested his time and energy into it. Even now, his grandmother is there to help him whenever he needs it. He enjoys going on hikes, cycling, kayaking, and running trails in his spare time. In fact, the primary reason he is also working as a tour guide on a full-time basis is because of his own personal interests.
Yudishteer Varjangbhay
Yudishteer Varjangbhay

QUESTION: How do you manage your time when you’re working hard as a guide and running this business?

Yudishteer Varjangbhay: “I’ve decided to make the most of my time still being quite young at only 24 right now. The business is still quite small, and I knew that I would be able to manage the workload with the help of my parents. They’ve encouraged to take both engagements and work hard at both, as we all know and believe the hard work will pay off someday in the future. The hiking job is allowing to invest in the business without taking too much debt. Time management is definitely key. I try to organize the week as from Sunday. My first priority is sleeping between 6 and 7 hours. It helps keep me fresh. Then I plan the remaining time to maximize productivity for both, at times giving priority to the Guiding job when there’s a lot of work. I just try to do the best I can.”

QUESTION: What makes your sev different from others on the marketplace?

Yudishteer Varjangbhay: “Most of our cooking process is made by hand, and we pay close attention to each ingredient. I’ve respected the recipe as much as I could. We use the best quality ingredients and respect each cooking process and not change the recipes. Our mix of spices is what makes it special, I think. But we also try to deliver very fresh and not an extreme shelf life. Our products are chemical products free. We don’t try to artificially make it last longer.”

QUESTION: Your grandma learned the “savoir-faire” from her relatives in Gujarat. Now it’s your turn to carry on the family tradition. How are you feeling of this achievement?

Yudishteer Varjangbhay: “I feel very Proud especially when I get the Feedback from clients who express how fresh and authentic the taste is. I’m very happy every time I see our logo and my grandma smiling on it. Gives me more motivation to learn more from her. It’s her legacy. My family have given me their full support to continue thriving and exploring new possibilities with our recipes and build my future with them. I realize I’m still young in the process and can achieve much more while my respecting my personal life balance.”

Sev packaging
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You can place an order for Chevro and Ghantiya by going to the Lali’s Snacks website. Alternatively, you can simply place your order using WhatsApp by texting on +230 5825 2035 or message them on their Facebook Page. They are offered in both 125g and 500g quantities. Give them a shot; you will not regret it under any circumstances. By showing your support for a local business owner, you may make your tongue happy…

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Author: Ali J | Date Published: June 23, 2024 | Last Updated: NA

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