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Find a list of the best waterfalls in Mauritius to hike and river trek.


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We Start In Different Places, But In The End, We All Meet At The Waterfall...

Our island has beautiful waterfalls which deserve to hike and trek. River trekking is an amazing activity to consider particularly if you love hiking and exploring. In this section, you will discover the top 10 waterfalls to hike and trek in Mauritius.

We do not only have fantastic mountains and beaches or splendid trails to discover. As we live on a volcanic island, with hundreds of streams and rivers, the lava flows created also amazing valleys, cliffs and gorges, which formed waterfalls. The highest waterfall in Mauritius is Chamarel, around 110m in height. But, the 500 Pieds waterfall can also be considered the highest if we take the aspect of non-one flow geologically. To experience river trekking, it is recommended to equip yourself with a hiking stick, if possible trekking shoes which are adapted to water and have anti-slippery features, a rope of at least 10m in case of emergency and yes, a life jacket would be good too, particularly if you will swim in rivers. Carry your foods and drinks to avoid health issues. Without losing time, let's explore the best waterfalls in Mauritius:

Cascade De 500 Pieds

500 Pieds waterfall image Mauritius Island

Technically, the 500 Pieds waterfall is the highest in Mauritius (Non-one flow) with 152m as height and is situated next to Cocotte mountain.

Rochester Falls

Rochester falls image Mauritius Island

An iconic waterfall located in Surinam nearby regions with beautiful squared rocky structures. It is the most famous waterfall in the South.

Grand River South-East

Grand-River South East waterfall image Mauritius Island

From the longest river in Mauritius, the Grand River South-East waterfall is worth to visit. The best views is from a speed boat to admire the bottom.

Chamarel Falls

Chamarel falls image Mauritius Island

Chamarel Falls is also considered as the highest fall in Mauritius (One-flow). It is located in Chamarel and permission is needed to trek there.

Alexandra Falls

Alexandra falls image Mauritius Island

Located quite near to Cascade De 500 Pieds in the Black River Gorges, the Alexandra Falls is another marvelous place to trek at the bottom to enjoy.

Eau Bleue Falls

Eau Bleue falls image Mauritius Island

Famously known for its turquoise water, the Eau Bleue Falls is a must to go particularly when it is not dry. It is situated in the village of Cluny, close to Bananes.

Tamarind Falls

Tamarind falls image Mauritius Island

Famously known as Sept Cascades, the Tamarind Falls is among the most popular to trek in Mauritius. It is located in Henrietta regions.

Senneville Waterfall

Senneville waterfall image Mauritius Island

This gorgeous lesser-known waterfall is situated at Senneville, near Rivière des Anguilles in the South. What makes it attractive is, it falls in the sea.

Exil Waterfall

Exil waterfall image Mauritius Island

Locally known as Cascade Léon, the Exil waterfall is situated near Saint Aubin region. It has a tranquil environment but rich with mosquitoes.

Cascade Mamzelle

Cascade Mamzelle image Mauritius Island

Close to La Roche Qui Pleure in Souillac, hides a beautiful waterfall known as Cascade Mamzelle by the locals. It is a nice place to relax.

[VIDEO] Cascade De 500 Pieds

[VIDEO] Rochester Falls

[VIDEO] Grand River South-East

[VIDEO] Chamarel Falls

[VIDEO] Alexandra Falls

[VIDEO] Tamarind Falls

[VIDEO] Senneville Falls

[VIDEO] Exil Waterfall

Other Waterfalls To Discover In Mauritius

Continue your exploration like a river is flowing away. An additional list of fantastic waterfalls to discover:

Mare Aux Joncs Waterfall A quite long hike to reach it. You need to follow the Mare Aux Joncs Trail in the Black River Gorges.
Balfour Waterfall A dangerous river trek starting from Beau-Bassin, where you will need to cross Vuillemin Falls until you reach to Balfour Waterfall.
Beaux Songes Falls Locally known as Cascade Kaya or Cascade Cascavelle, the Beaux Songes Falls is a nice river to consider.
Fixon Waterfall Situated in Bon Courage forest, hidden in a small valley, the Fixon Waterfall is a lesser-known place but amazing to be.
Cascade Rioux Another fantastic place to be! Cascade Rioux is located in La Flora regions, hidden in a valley surrounded by bushes and trees.
Cascade Edouard A lovely place for a river trek and hike. Cascade Edouard is situated in Deux Bras. Be careful to cross it during rainy seasons.
Cascade Jakaria Quite near to Domaine de L'Etoile, situates Cascade Jakaria. It is basically in Sebastopol region and easy to go.
Cascade Minissy Near the Bagatelle Dam, there is a remote place named Minissy, where it has a waterfall. Be careful when swimming, the water is deep.
Moka Falls Behind Eureka House, there are some waterfalls and they are better known locally as Moka Falls which you can visit and have a picnic.
Cascade Khulpateea If you are planning Cascade Edouard, you can check Kalpatia which is some kilometers away in New Grove region.
Madame Bel Madam Bel, also known as Cascade Jumeam and Cascade 400 in the Savanne district is one o the lesser-known waterfalls in Mauritius and among the highest as well.
Cascade Gollum Next to the Black-River Gorges viewpoint, there is a waterfall known as Gollum.

"Water is the driver of nature..."

The above list states the famous waterfalls in Mauritius. Please be careful as some of these waterfalls are quite dangerous to trek, particularly Balfour, Cascade De 500 Pieds (Bottom), Chamarel Falls and Alexandra Falls. If it is your first time, it is better to get a qualified guide to accompany you. Few of them are in private lands and permission is needed to trek, such as the 500 Pieds Waterfall (Bottom) and Chamarel Falls. Thus, be responsible and do not trespass!

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LAST UPDATED: November 26, 2021

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