Are you searching some nice places or spots to spend ana amazing day with your family or friends? Find out a list of more than 30 places of interest and sightseeing to discover in Mauritius Island as follows.

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A Change Of Scenery Can Change Many Things...

Mauritius has dozens and dozens of places of interest and sightseeing. Of course, not all of them are worth to visit, and it is difficult to explore all of them in just a few days. This section will list only the top famous places of interest and sightseeing around the island to consider. Even this post is for tourists mainly, the locals can beneficiate from it as well, particularly if they are seeking something on a week-end with family or friends.

Chamarel Falls Viewpoint

Chamarel Falls Viewpoint Mauritius image
The highest waterfall in Mauritius (One flow), Chamarel Falls, can be seen from the top of the valley without trekking. Watch A Video.

Chamarel Seven Colored Earths

Chamarel Seven Colored Earths Mauritius image
A famous place of interest, the Seven Colored Earths is a geological formation with different colored soils. Watch A Video.

Albion Lighthouse Cliff

Albion Lighthouse Mauritius image
The cliff near the Albion lighthouse is among the most beautiful in Mauritius for a sunset, and admire the waves. Watch A Video.

Alexandra Falls Viewpoint

Alexandra Falls Viewpoint Mauritius image
Alexandra Falls can be seen partly from the top of a platform there. You can admire the beautiful Bel Ombre regions as well. It is a cool spot to picnic too.

Central Market Of Port-Louis

Central Market Of Port-Louis Mauritius image
Constructed in the 19th century, the Central Market of Port-Louis is a popular place for fruits, meats, veggies, and is frequented by thousands of people daily.

Black River Gorges Viewpoint

Black River Gorges Viewpoint Mauritius image
The viewpoint of the Black River Gorges is located at Plaine Champagne. It offers a large part of the nature reserve from the top with stunning views. Watch A Video.

Fort Adelaide

Fort Adelaide Mauritius image
Built in the 1830s to protect the City of Port-Louis from invaders, the Fort Adelaide, also known as the Citadel, is a popular and beautiful sightseeing to visit.

Vieux Grand-Port Ruins

Vieux Grand-Port Ruins Mauritius image
The Ruins of Vieux Grand-Port are compounds erected by the French after the Dutch's departure. The buildings were a bakery, forge and shelters. A nice historical place!

Pont Naturel

Pont Naturel Mauritius image
Between Le Bouchon and Le Souffleur, situates the Pont Naturel, a rocky structure which resembles a bridge. It is a popular sightseeing to be in the South. Watch A Video.

Le Souffleur

Le Souffleur Mauritius image
Agitated waves, dangerous cliffs, giant rocks in the sea, this is Le Souffleur, located in the South, another beautiful sightseeing spot to not be missed. Watch A Video.


Macondé Mauritius image
The Macondé is an isolated rocky structure in the South, at Baie Du Cap. Reputed as a photo-shoot site, the Macondé offers an amazing view from the top to enjoy.

Blue Penny Museum

Blue Penny Museum Mauritius image
Situated in Port-Louis, among its best collections include the Red & Blue Penny stamps and the original Paul & Virginia statue, together with hundreds of historical facts..

Flat Island & Gabriel Islet

Flat Island & Gabriel Islet Mauritius image
Situated in the North of Mauritius, it takes around 1.5 hours to reach via a catamaran. Both islands are next to each other. Flat Island has a lighthouse.

Île Aux Benitiers

Île Aux Benitiers Mauritius image
Situated in the West, Île Aux Benitiers is popular for picnic events and you can also visit the Crystal Rock, a famous rocky structure in the sea nearby.

National History Museum

National History Museum Mauritius image
At Mahebourg in the Robillard House, there is the amazing national history museum which has a collection of artifacts during the Dutch, French and British eras.

Île Aux Cerfs

Île Aux Cerfs Mauritius image
Close to the village of Trou D'Eau Douce, Île Aux Cerfs is best for aquatic activities like kitesurfing, snorkeling, and a gorgeous beach for swimming. Watch A Video.

Île Aux Fouquets

Île Aux Fouquets Mauritius image
Known as Île Au Phare, it is classified as National Heritage and situated in the South-East. It has an old lighthouse and some ruins dated to the British period. Watch A Video.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum Mauritius image
The natural history museum is located at Port-Louis, in the ground floor of the Mauritius Institute building. It is mostly about the animal species on our island.

Île Aux Aigrettes

Île Aux Aigrettes Mauritius image
This islet is a nature reserve, occupied by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. It has endemic species and a visit takes around 1.5 hours.

Casela Nature Parks

Casela Nature Parks Mauritius image
The largest zoo in Mauritius, with over 1800 animals, is surrounded by nature and also it provides several outdoor activities to enjoy.

La Vanille Nature Park

La Vanille Nature Park Mauritius image
La Vanille Nature Park in Rivière des Anguilles, exhibits a variety of species, a museum, a restaurant, and beautiful nature.

Marie Reine De La Paix

Marie Reine De La Paix Mauritius image
Marie Reine De La Paix is a famous spiritual place located at the foot of Montagne Des Signaux in Port-Louis where it offers an amazing view of the City.

Cap Malheureux Point

Cap Malheureux Point Mauritius image
A well-known place, particularly where the Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel is located, for a beautiful views of the seas and the northern islands' regions.

Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park

Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park Mauritius image
It is well-known for its 23 colored earths landscape, this park offers a variety of outdoor activities as well like zip-line, quad, etc, and beautiful waterfalls.

Bagatelle Mall

Bagatelle Mall Mauritius image
Bagatelle Mall is a famous shopping mall with several branded stores, restaurants located at Bagatelle village. It is an ideal place for shopping and lunch/dinner outs.

SSR Botanical Garden (Pamplemousses)

SSR Botanical Garden (Pamplemousses) Mauritius image
It is the oldest botanical garden in the Southern hemisphere and is rich with endemic trees and plants, such as the Lotus flower and Water-Lily and many others.

SSR Botanical Garden (Curepipe)

SSR Botanical Garden (Curepipe) Mauritius image
Another botanical garden with a variety of plant species, ponds and picnic spots where you can enjoy with your relatives or friends and it is located in Curepipe.

Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin Mauritius image
Situated in the Plaine Champagne region, Grand Bassin or Ganga Talao welcomes thousands of Hindu pilgrims every year on the Maha Shivratee festival for prayers.

Domaine De Labourdonnais

Domaine De Labourdonnais Mauritius image
Located in the North, you can visit the famous Château de Labourdonnais, Quartier Des Serres, the beautiful chimney of the old Labourdonnais Sugar Mill, and much more.

Curious Corner Of Chamarel

Curious Corner Of Chamarel Mauritius image
If you love curiosity and the "odd" aspect of life, Curious Corner is the right entertainment place for its illusions and riddles. You will have immense fun there.

Jummah Mosque

Jummah Mosque Mauritius image
Constructed in the 1850s, the Jummah Mosque is located in Port-Louis and it is an extremely popular mosque in the country, which you can visit to know more.

Bank Of Mauritius Museum

Bank Of Mauritius Museum Mauritius image
Opened in 2018, the museum is in the building of the Central Bank of Mauritius and has a great money artifact collections. to learn the history of money in Mauritius.

L'Aventure Du Sucre

L'Aventure Du Sucre Mauritius image
A museum fully based on the history of the sugar industry in our country. It will make you travel back in time with fantastic artifacts. The place has also a restaurant.

Grand Baie La Croisette

Grand Baie La Croisette Mauritius image
The most popular shopping mall in the North, La Croisette needs no introduction. It has everything to spice your shopping day.

Bassin Blanc Viewpoint

Bassin Blanc Viewpoint Mauritius image
Near Mont Blanc, there is a beautiful crater lake, known as the Bassin Blanc, which can be admired from above viewpoint. Watch A Video.

Aapravasi Ghat

Aapravasi Ghat Mauritius image
It is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It was an immigration depot of Indentured laborers between the 1840s to 1920s.

Eureka House

Eureka House Mauritius image
The Eureka House is located in Moka. It was built in the 1830s and used to be owned by the French and British aristocrats.

World Of Seashells

World Of Seashells Mauritius image
Located in the village of Bel Ombre, for marine lovers, this museum is a must! It has thousands of amazing seashells as collections.

Odysseo Mauritius

Odysseo Mauritius Mauritius image
The largest oceanarium in the Mascarene regions and the biggest in Mauritius, with a variety of marine creatures, such as sharks, etc.

Champ Des Mars Racecourse

Champ Des Mars Racecourse Mauritius image
Built-in the beginning of 1800s in Port-Louis, the Champ De Mars is the only track for horse racing in Mauritius.

La Roche Qui Pleure

La Roche Qui Pleure Mauritius image
Located in the South, after Gris-Gris beach, La Roche Qui Pleure is a magnificent rocky cliff to admire the agitated waves. Watch A Video.

Pointe Du Diable

Pointe Du Diable Mauritius image
It is a fortification situated in the South-East between Anse Jonchée and Petit Sable. The hill has some ruins dated back in the WW2.

Trou Aux Cerfs Viewpoint

Trou Aux Cerfs Viewpoint Mauritius image
The most famous volcanic crater in Mauritius, Trou Aux Cerfs can be seen from the top viewpoint, a popular jogging track as well. Watch A Video.

Roches Noires Lava Tubes

Roches Noires Lava Tubes Mauritius image
If you want to visit some caves, the Roches Noires Lava Tubes are the best. It is composed of 6 caves, various in sizes. Torch is needed. Watch A Video.

Splash N Fun Leisure Park

Splash N Fun Leisure Park Mauritius image
Located at Belle-Mare village, the Splash n Fun Leisure Park is the only waterpark in Mauritius to have amazing aquatic activities with your family or friends.

Le Caudan Waterfront

Le Caudan Waterfront Mauritius image
Built in 1996, Le Caudan Waterfront is the first shopping mall in the island. It offers an amazing view of the port and the nearby regions.

Other Places Of Interest & Sightseeing To Consider In Mauritius

An extra list for other nice places of interest to check out in Mauritius is: Rhumerie de Chamarel Restaurant & Rum Distillery, Phoenix Mall, La City Trianon, Mauritius Postal Museum, Photography Museum, Frederic Hendrik Museum, Île Des Deux Cocos (Partly private), Ilot Fourneau (Private), Heritage Nature Reserve, Château de Riche-en-Eau (On special occasion), Martello Tower Museum, Robert Edward Hart Memorial, Balfour Garden, Mare Aux Vacoas Reservoir, Ilot Sancho, Ile De La Passe, Bois Des Amourettes, La Cave Madame, Jardin De La Compagnie, Malenga Viewpoint, Plaine Magnien Pyramids, Trou Kanaka, Pont Bondieu Caves, Balaclava Ruins (Private), Belle Mare Sugar Mill Ruin (Private), Government House (On special occasion), and State House (On special occasion).

Never Stop Discovering...

To conclude, the above list states the famous places of interest and sightseeing in Mauritius. Do visit them when you have the opportunity, to better discover the island’s beauties.

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