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Find a list of the best nature trails & parks in Mauritius to hike and relax.


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Amazing Nature Trails To Hike In Mauritius

Mauritius has some nice nature trails and parks to hike or visit. As we have only less than 2% of the native forest, our nature is being affected and destroyed. However, there are still some places where you can hike in nature to forget your stress.

Many nature trails are found in the Black River Gorges, precisely at the Plaine Champagne regions. Nevertheless, not all provide the best adventures. Few of them have been listed further, but, this article will also include some gorgeous nature trails around Mauritius. You do not need special equipment to hike in any particular nature trails apart from a good pair of running or hiking shoes and of course, protect yourself from mosquitoes and the sun. Do carry at least 1.5L of water, depending on the length of the trail, and lightweight foods, like energy bars. A hiking stick can be suitable too.

Daruty (Belle Vue Forest) Trail

Daruty Forest trail image Mauritius Island

The Daruty Forest Trail is situated at Petit Raffray in the North. It has several short looped trails to jog, walk and even tracks for mountain bikers!

Le Dauguet Nature Trail

Le Dauguet Nature trail image Mauritius Island

A popular looped nature trail for joggers in the region of Port-Louis, at Tranquebar precisely. There is also a track to climb to Le Pouce mountain as well.

Mare Longue Trail

Mare Longue trail image Mauritius Island

This trail is quite lengthy and is located around Mare Longue reservoir. The trail itself is quite easy, mostly flat but sometimes muddy in rainy seasons.

Bel Ombre (Watook) Trail

Bel Ombre trail image Mauritius Island

A long trail from Plaine Champagne to Bel Ombre or vice-versa, passing via Bon Courage, which leads to Fixon Waterfall. Beautiful nature around.

Machebée Trail

Machabee trail image Mauritius Island

Enjoy the tranquil track and beautiful trees around you with endemic birds. The nature trail starts at Pétrin and ends at a kiosk in the Black River Gorges.

Parakeet Trail

Parakeet trail image Mauritius Island

A technical trail which starts from Plaine Champagne and descends to Black River Gorges where you can climb again or ends at the parking lot.

Sophie Nature Walk

Sophie Nature Walk image Mauritius Island

Sophie Nature Walk is the best nature trail for lovers. The nature and the tall trees generate a lovely romantic atmosphere.

[VIDEO] Daruty Trail

[VIDEO] Bel Ombre (Watook) Trail

[VIDEO] Sophie Nature Walk

Other Nature Trails To Hike In Mauritius

Still want to hike in nature? Do check these additional nature trails:

Monvert Nature Walk In Forest Side, there is a place called Monvert where you can walk in nature trails, sometimes dry and sometimes muddy.
Mare Aux Joncs Trail Located near Black River Gorges's parking lot, this long nature trail will lead you to Mare Aux Joncs Waterfall.
Gollum It is considered among the most technical and tiring nature trails and it is situated in the grand gorges section. Be careful to not be lost!
Trochetia The Trochetia Trail is a flat nature trail that can be started from Plaine Champagne to end at Black River Gorges Viewpoint or vice-versa.
Powder Mill Nature Walk It is situated near Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National Hospital. Relatively short but very peaceful to hike and to have a picnic.

The Best Nature Parks In Mauritius

Many nature parks are free to visit or a small fee is taken on certain days of the week. The biggest nature park on our island is the Black River Gorges, followed by Bras D'Eau. Botanical gardens also can be considered as nature parks as they contain several types of trees and plants, including endemic ones. The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden remains the largest locally as well as in the Indian Ocean.

SSR Botanical Garden

SSR Pamplemousses Garden park image Mauritius Island

It is the oldest botanical garden in the Southern hemisphere and is rich with endemic trees and plants, such as the Lotus flower and Water-Lily and others.

Bras D’Eau National Park

Bras D'Eau National park image Mauritius Island

Classified as the second largest national park on the island, the Bras D'Eau National Park has plenty of tall trees, endemic plants and amazing trails.

Balfour Garden

Balfour Garden park image Mauritius Island

A clean garden for a family gathering, to exercise and for a picnic. Also, you can admire the amazing Balfour Waterfall from the top's viewpoint.

Black River Gorges National Park

Black River National park image Mauritius Island

The largest national park in Mauritius, with several popular nature trails (Some are mentioned in the above list) and amazing spots to relax.

SSR Botanical Garden (Curepipe)

SSR Garden Curepipe park image Mauritius Island

Another botanical garden with different plants and trees, and ponds where you can enjoy with your relatives or friends and is located in Curepipe.

Vallée D’Osterlog

Vallée D'Osterlogue park image Mauritius Island

A beautiful garden in Osterlog which is located near Eau Bleue and Saint Hubert. It has also a waterfall commonly known as Cascade Tortue.

[VIDEO] Bras D'Eau National Park

[VIDEO] Black River Gorges National Park

[VIDEO] Vallée D’Osterlog

Nature Can Cure You...

This peace of mind we are all seeking in our daily busy life, you will find it in these nature trails and parks stated above. Alone or accompanied, you will not regret walking in nature and source yourself with positive vibes. Always protect the environment!

AUTHOR: Ali J (Administrator)
LAST UPDATED: November 26, 2021

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