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"Beaches..", this is what most foreigners will reply if you ask them the reasons why they will visit Mauritius! Our island has among the top beaches around the world. White sands, turquoise waters, beautiful seascape, and fantastic coasts.

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An Ocean Breeze Puts A Mind At Ease...

Mauritius has around 20km of public coasts. We have lost most of our coasts due to economic and residential developments like bungalows, villas, and hotels. There are several beaches but of course, not all are classified among the best to visit. Mauritians spend their time at the beach mostly on Sundays. Hence, expect most of these famous beaches to be crowded. It is recommended to wear sunscreen and protect yourself from the sun. Certain beaches are known to have jellyfish sometimes, so, please be careful. It is allowed to have a campfire at some indicated strategic spots on the beach. Nudity in public is disallowed! The following list will state the top famous beaches in Mauritius which you can consider in your aquatic plans:

Trou Aux Biches

Trou Aux Biches beach image

Popular for its beautiful water and often crowded with campers, Trou Aux Biches is a nice place to swim and to have a nice time.

Mont Choisy

Mont Choisy beach image

It is the longest beach in the North of Mauritius, widely frequented by campers too and very famous for its turquoise water.

La Cuvette

La Cuvette beach image

Small and most of the time it is crowded but an amazing beach in Grand-Baie to spend a marvelous time with your family and friends.

La Cambuse

La Cambuse image

A well-known site to admire the South coasts. If you want a place to resource yourself, La Cambuse is a must! Watch Video.


Pereybere beach image

A very popular beach in the North to enjoy. However, it is very crowded as well, thus, do get there early as possible for space.

Butte à L'Herbe

Butte à L'Herbe beach image

Located on a small islet near Calodyne, in the North, Butte à L'Herbe has become famous for some years for campers mainly.

Poste LaFayette

Poste LaFayette beach image

With its dangerous waves where it is prohibited to swim, Poste LaFayette also has a part with calm water where you can enjoy.

Saint Félix

Saint Félix beach image

It is among the few beaches in the South of Mauritius where you can swim. Saint Félix is a spot to not be missed.

Belle Mare

Belle Mare beach image

The longest beach in the East of Mauritius! Belle Mare needs no introduction, the best to watch the sunrise and it has gorgeous water.

Blue Bay

Blue Bay beach image

Located close to the Marine Protected Area, in the South, Blue Bay has been classified among the top beaches in the world.


Gris-Gris beach image

Located in the South, it is not a place to swim but it has a beautiful beach to walk, relax, and appreciate the seascape around.

Flic En Flac

Flic En Flac beach image

The most famous beach in the West, and also the longest in the region. Fantastic beach to swim in and even to watch the sunset.

Other Beaches To Consider In Mauritius

Apart from the list above, here is other beaches to take into consideration during your holidays:

Le Morne Best known for kite surfing, Le Morne is situated in the South-West of Mauritius and has a beautiful seascape.
Pointe D'Esny A lovely place near the region of Mahebourg, where the MV Wakashio oil spill has occurred. But still, this beach remains one of the most beautiful.
Le Bouchon Another amazing place to relax with your friends and relatives in the South, near La Cambuse.
Bénares Agitated waves, dangerous seas, this is what the Bénares beach is. Not for swimming but popular to relax and observe the waves.
Bain Boeuf In the North of Mauritius, between Cap-Malheuruex and Pereybere, situates Bain Boeuf, a nice beach to relax.
Anse la Raie After Cap-Malheureux, locates another peaceful beach, the Anse La Raie, also popular for kite surfing sports.
Pointe Aux Cannoniers Just after Mont-Choisy beach, you get Pointe Aux Cannoniers. A tranquil beach but often crowded with tourists.
Tamarin Surfers love this beach! Even it is hot, it is popular to watch the sunset.
Palmar Beach A small beach just after Belle Mare, where you can organize a picnic and free your mind.

The Sea Is Calling, You Must Go...

Always protect nature while going to the beach. Do not litter and report those who are doing it to the police of the environment. Our beaches are the main ingredients to boost our tourism sector. Thus, leave footprints of love on the sands and not your plastic bottles or any garbages.

AUTHOR: Ali J (Administrator)
LAST UPDATED: November 25, 2021

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