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Read and understand the privacy policy and disclaimer.


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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy involves details to get a clear understanding of how information is collected, used, and protected. Also, you will find information on third parties.

Q: What personal information does this website collect and when, from the visitors?

A: Email addresses and names are collected when people contact the webmaster or opt-in.

Q: How does this website use the collected information?

A: This website collects the information to know visitors’ identity, in case the author needs to contact them.

Q: How is the collected information protected?

A: All information submitted by the visitors is protected and is NOT shared.


Cookies are set by the browser, so that you do not repeat similar process while filling a form for instance. You can disable it directly on your browser. Cookies are not set by the website.

Third-party links

Occasionally, third parties products and services may appear on this website where their policies may be different. However, the author of this website has no responsibility or liability for its contents.


This website uses Google Analytics to collect information on where visitors are coming from.


Content protection

All the contents on this website are owned by the author, including the photos and Watch Videos, except if stated otherwise through credits. Few images have been downloaded from royalty-free websites and they do not have a watermark. Images and Watch Videos that are owned by the author will include a watermark. Thus, all visitors on this website have no right to copy and paste or take any media without proper permission from the webmaster.

About content accuracy

The author does not guarantee you if all the contents are accurate. Many of the details have been obtained through research online and so on. Thus, mistakes can occur, and in case you notice one, please contact the author to correct, but make sure your corrections are good with evidence.

Places accuracy

The author is not responsible if a visitor has encountered a problem through the contents of this website. For example, in posts regarding hiking or trekking, locations on Google Maps are stated. If you follow these maps and get lost or encounter a problem, the author is not responsible. Information regarding tracks are just for guidance purpose but they may not be fully accurate.

Be responsible

All visitors who are contacting the author must be responsible for their content. Do not use foul language, send spam links, or do anything illegal to the law.

Media Logos

The media logos on the website are owned by the respective companies.

Do you have a question on the privacy policy and disclaimer? Please, send your message here.