Are you planning to visit Mauritius? Here are some useful travel tips to help you organizing your trip.

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It is extremely critical to have an up-to-date passport. You can apply with a signed form in the Mauritius Passport & Immigration section. The website has all the necessary information for your questions about Visas, Passports, Immigration, Occupation Permit, Resident Permit, and others. Not all countries require a visa to stay in Mauritius for holidays. For more information on the countries exempt from visas, please contact the Passport & Immigration Office.

Before applying to any of them, please ensure you have the following documents:

Another essential factor to consider is your passport expiration date. It should not be beyond the number of days of your Mauritius stay.

Tickets & Funds

Every tourist who plans to visit Mauritius must have a return ticket. A suitable daily budget is mandatory to stay in Mauritius. You will have all the necessary information from your travel agency, but it is normally around $100 per day.


Accommodation can be in hotels, lodges, Airbnb stays, or at a resident's house (family or friend). It is required that you provide evidence of your accommodation. If it is a hotel, you will be required to provide information. An official sponsorship document with the number of days is required if the event is at the place of a local citizen.

Duty-Free Shopping

Tourists can enjoy tax-free shopping in hundreds of stores in Mauritius. They can save up to 15% by claiming VAT/Tax paid on bought items. Only registered stores are eligible for this offer.

Sales receipts must be kept safely to claim your refund. A minimum of Rs2,300 purchase value is needed to benefit from the tax refund. Visit for more details.

General Information & Tips

Emergency & Useful Numbers

Police: 999 or 112.

SAMU: 114.

Fire Services: 115.

Mauritius Weather Station: +230 6861031.

Mauritius Tax Shopping: 230 2034830.

Mauritius Passport & Immigration Office: +230 2602073.

Mauritius Tourism Authority: +230 2031000 or 8910.

Mauritius Airport: +230 603 8000.

Air Mauritius: +230 2077575.

Mauritius Revenue Authority: +230 2076000.

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