Le Vilazwa is a beautiful lodge to stay in Crève-Coeur, in Mauritius. Book your stay now and enjoy the calm and serenity far from the daily busy life.

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We are surrounded by noisy and busy activities. We wake up early for work, get stuck in traffic jams, return late to home, and have time for ourselves. Sometimes, we want peace, a calm atmosphere, and a cut-off from daily routines. But where to start? Le Vilazwa can help. Let’s discover it today!

Welcome to Le Vilazwa

Situated in the picturesque and calm village of Crève-Coeur, Le Vilazwa is a lodge, built with the concept of nourishing the spirit through peace, cutting off from the daily busy life, and serenity. Created by Jayesh, commonly known as “Jah”, who is a prominent hiking guide in the region and well-known for his activities on Pieter Both mountain on social media, he got the idea because he is a nature lover, and he wants others to enjoy peace. As where he lives is very calm, he wants people from other locations, be it locals or tourists, to enjoy the simplistic and peaceful life living in a village.

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Outside Le Vilazwa Lodge.

The lodge is composed of 2 beds, 1 bunk bed, 1 kitchen, a hammock space, a green area, and a bathroom/toilet. The maximum number of people it can accommodate is 6.. It is furnished with furniture and the necessary equipment to enjoy and use like a home itself. A personal vehicle is preferable, otherwise, you can take a bus and stop at Crève-Coeur, then walk around 10 minutes to reach it.

However, Le Vilazwa does not provide food on site. This is because Jayesh considered his community's aspect while bringing his concept. If you are hungry, you can get food in the village easily. This concept not only benefits Le Vilazwa, but also the inhabitants of the village and the vicinity as a whole, economically speaking. Le Vilazwa wants you to live and feel at home. So you can cook alone in the kitchen.

In the same way, if you do not own a car, there are taxis in the area to bring you there. Hence, it is a win-win situation economically for the village as well.

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Jayesh or "Jah", the owner.

Furthermore, by staying in Le Vilazwa, you want to disconnect from your busy life. Thus, there is no Wi-Fi, but you are able to use mobile data in case you need it. Le Vilazwa wants you to achieve this peaceful life at least once in a while. The best way to experience this wonderful journey is to disconnect from the world and appreciate it.

Not Just to Stay

Apart from the peaceful atmosphere at Le Vilazwa, you can also enrich yourself physically and mentally by visiting the neighborhoods. Crève-Coeur is rich in plantations. It is surrounded by picturesque mountains, such as Pieter Both, Piton Jacob, Deux Mamelles, and more. As a professional hiking guide, Jayesh can lead you on walks or hikes to those peaks. Many people who stay at Le Vilazwa often choose sunrise on Deux Mamelles Peak as an activity. If you want to watch the sunset, you can too. Have a look of Le Vilazwa below:

Book Le Vilazwa Now

For those seeking tranquility, peace, calm, and serenity, Le Vilazwa is the perfect place. It is for those who want to leave their busy schedules behind. It is for those who love nature and are determined to adopt a different lifestyle, even for one day. What are you waiting for? Book your stay now as follows:

Ali J (Author)

Author: Ali J | Date Published: June 26, 2023 | Last Updated: N/A