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Thousands of people travel to Rodrigues Island every year. It is no doubt, this little pearl in the Indian Ocean is growing popular.

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Rodrigues is located around 600km away from Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. It is also of volcanic origin and surrounded by coral reefs. It was named after the Portuguese explorer, Diogo Rodrigues. Rodrigues became autonomous in 2002. Both tourists and the locals will tell you this island is a must to visit. If you are planning your holidays there, here are some details about the things to do and a list of places to go.

Things To Do In Rodrigues

The activities in Rodrigues are mostly the same as in Mauritius. Regarding water sports, you can enjoy sea activities such as swimming, diving, fishing, etc. The octopus fishing season is famous. Do not miss it! Also, hiking is popular as well. Rodrigues has some amazing nature trails and wonderful hilly as well as coastal tracks. Make sure you carry your sunscreen as hiking can be difficult under the scorching sun. Recently, mountain biking is growing rapidly as an activity in Rodrigues. If you are a mountain biker or cyclist, grab the opportunity to practice this sport there.

Furthermore, shopping in the market of Port-Mathurin is highly recommended. This main market has everything you need from local pickles, meats, vegetables, fruits to handcraft items. Additionally, Rodrigues has a vast of places of interest. There are caves, nature reserves, sightseeing, landmarks, gorgeous islets and so on.

Finally, learn about the ways of living and the cultures of the locals. They are very nice people and their food is excellent!

Best Places To Go In Rodrigues Island

Most people who have gone to Rodrigues will narrate you that, you can visit the entire island in a very few amount of days, which is largely true. To reduce the hassles to decide where to visit, this tailor-made list below on the best places to consider in your plans has been prepared for you.

Caverne Patate

Caverne Patate image

One of the most popular caves in Rodrigues Island, Caverne Patate is a 600m long track, to admire the wonderful rocky structures inside. Watch Video.

Trou D'Argent

Trou D'argent image

A wonderful white sandy beach with amazing rocky coastlines and cliffs. A must to consider if you are planning a coastal hike in the South-East regions. Watch Video.

Ile aux Cocos

Ile aux Cocos image

Situated in the West coast of Rodrigues, this small famous islet has a beautiful white sandy beach and is also a nature reserve for numerous seabirds. Watch Video.

Port Mathurin Market

Port Mathurin Market image

The only market in Rodrigues, there are various locally-made items such as pickles, salty foods, handmade crafts, sea foods and vegetables. Watch Video.

Cathedral of Saint Gabriel

Cathedral of Saint Gabriel image

Built in the 1930s, the famous Cathedral of Saint Gabriel welcomes thousands of visitors per year. It is beautiful and is the biggest church on the island. Watch Video.

Mont Limon

Mont Limon image

It is the highest peak in Rodrigues, with a height of around 398m. It offers fantastic views from above and it takes around 15 minutes to climb. Watch Video.

Fran├žois Leguat Tortoise & Cave Reserve

Fran├žois Leguat Tortoise & Cave Reserve image

A nature reserve with giant tortoises and fantastic well-preserved caves. It is located in the South-West of the island. Watch Video.

Other Places To Visit In Rodrigues

If time permits you to visit other places, do take into account the list here:

Grande Montagne Nature Reserve Occupied by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, this nature reserve will make you discover various endemic plants.
Cascade Pistache Viewpoint Cascade Pistache has a gorgeous viewpoint from the top of the cliff to enjoy the valley.
Pointe Cotton Beach It is among the famous beaches in Rodrigues. Pointe Cotton beach is nice for a picnic with family and friends.
Ile Hermitage Located near port Sud-Est, based on a legend, it is believed there is a buried treasure there.
Ile aux Chats Situated in the South of the island, Ile aux Chats is well-known for its beautiful views and snorkelling sites.
Mourouk Beach The beach of Mourouk is most of the time has a windy weather, thus it is famous for its aquatic activities such as kite surfing, etc.
Saint John Chapel Located at Camp Pintade. This small chapel's architecture resembles a boat, which is the main reason it is so attractive to visitors.
52 Turns (52 Contours) Rodrigues's main roads have many turns. 52 Turns or "52 Contours" will enable you to enjoy several magnificent viewpoints.

Rodrigues Today...

The island of Rodrigues is progressing and developing massively. To conclude, Rodrigues Island is a must to add to your travel list. A real jewel with its tranquil atmosphere, rich in nature, less pollution, tasty foods and amazing inhabitants.

AUTHOR: Ali J (Administrator)
LAST UPDATED: November 26, 2021

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