Top Waterfalls & Rivers In Mauritius

Waterfalls and rivers in Mauritius

The nature in Mauritius is amazing. There are several beautiful spots to discover apart mountains, trails, beaches or even places of interest. They are waterfalls and rivers. In this section of places to go, you will explore the top waterfalls & rivers in Mauritius!

The Top Waterfalls In Mauritius

Various waterfalls in Mauritius are lesser-known to the general public. Some are widely acclaimed both locally and internationally, while few are less explored. So, further, you will learn the various waterfalls in Mauritius which are totally worth to consider in your activities.

  • Cascade de 500 Pieds

Cascade de 500 Pieds Mauritius

Cascade de 500 Pieds, or Cascade des Galets, is basically the highest waterfall in Mauritius (Non-direct flow). It is situated in the Black River Gorges, precisely on the range of Cocotte mountain. The Cascade de 500 Pieds is quite moderate to reach on the top. But if you are planning to be at the bottom and admire this wonderful vertical water flows, a highly technical descent must be tackled. If you do not have a high endurance or simply a great experience in hiking, it is better to not opt the bottom. On the top itself, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of Bel Ombre, etc. Moreover, this place is humid most of the time, thus, be careful. To go on the top of the waterfall, take the track which is on the left of Alexandra Falls viewpoint, and continue to descend until you reach it.

  • Chamarel Falls

Chamarel Falls Mauritius

The Chamarel Falls is considered as the highest waterfall (Direct-flow) in Mauritius, with a height of around 110m. Situated in the village of Chamarel, this iconic waterfall attracts thousands of visitors yearly. In fact, the viewpoint has become a place of interest. To be at the bottom of the waterfall, a slippery descent will await you. The track is close to the viewpoint, but make sure to bring a rope in case it becomes slippery. Once you reach in the valley, cross the river and climb a big rock, to finally see the amazing waterfall in front of you.

  • Tamarind Falls

Tamarind Falls Mauritius

Another famous place in Mauritius to discover is the Tamarind Falls. Often known as Sept Cascades, the Tamarind Falls is a must to visit! The name Sept Cascades is derived from the top views on the valley, where you could see seven waterfalls. Unfortunately, nowadays with the growing of trees, these views are not the same. Basically, the Tamarind Falls has more than seven waterfalls. Some say up to eleven. Trekking in this region is indeed beautiful but can be dangerous as well. Many accidents and deaths have been recorded there. There are two main ways to achieve the full river trekking, consult a professional hiker to guide you if you are planning to go.

  • Rochester Falls

Rochester Falls Mauritius

The Rochester Falls is among the most visited place in Mauritius. A famous tourist spot, this waterfall is well-known for its rectangular flank rocks, with a height of 10m. You can swim in the water or jump from the top but only if you are an experienced swimmer. The waterfall is easily accessible. Bear in mind that, some theft cases have been reported there. Visitors’ vehicles were damaged and got things stolen. The waterfall is situated in the South, near Surinam and Savanne. You need to walk around 2km from the Surinam main road, passing sugarcane fields on the rocky tracks. Most hikers start from Savanne waterfall, via Marazine and Teracine Falls, proceed to Rochester Falls, continuing to Cécile Dam to end at Exil waterfall.

  • Alexandra Falls

Alexandra Falls Mauritius

Alexandra Falls’ viewpoint is the second most visited after Chamarel Falls. But, the bottom of the waterfall is not well-discovered by trekkers. There are two main ways you can reach the bottom. First of all, from the cliff of Alexandra Falls itself which is technical and slippery or a track near the viewpoint. Both ways demand a good experience in hiking. Hence, if you are an amateur, make sure you are accompanied by someone professional and who knows the paths. The waterfall is really fabulous from the bottom as the top views from the viewpoint show partly of it.

  • Grand River South-East Waterfall

Grand River South-East Waterfall Mauritius

Grand River South-East Waterfall is located near Trou D’Eau Douce village. It is a famous waterfall in Mauritius. Most people visit it by boat. You can be on the top of the waterfall which can be accessed from the main road nearby.

  • Mare aux Joncs Waterfall

Mare aux Joncs Mauritius

A lesser-known waterfall in the Black River Gorges is the Mare aux Joncs. The hiking to the bottom involves diverse river crossings, and requires a quite good endurance. Around 4.5km of hike one way, you will discover a peaceful place where most people do not visit often. The top of the waterfall offers a splendid view of the gorge.

  • Eau Bleue Falls

Eau Bleue Falls Mauritius

Furthermore, Eau Bleue Falls is composed of 3 main waterfalls. The easiest one can be reached from the main road which goes to Cluny village. The others need a short hike to access. Eau Bleue Falls is unique because of the blue glare of the water. The ponds often dry in summer, or they become brown and muddy in heavy rainfalls. It is better to visit them in winter, from July. Eau Bleue Falls also has other names such as Cascade Rama, Cascade La Source, Cascade Disab, etc.

  • Exil Waterfall

Exil Waterfall Mauritius

Better known as Cascade Léon, the Exil Waterfall is another nice place near Jurançon Hill. It is from the same river Savanne which flows Rochester Falls and others. Exil Waterfall is quite easy to hike, but rocky at the end. The water, most of the time is black but you can swim with precautions. This spot is dominated by mosquitoes, so, do not forget your mosquito repellents.

  • Balfour Waterfall

Cascade Balfour Mauritius

This list of the top waterfalls in Mauritius would be incomplete without Balfour. Originated from Rivière Sèches, in the upper area of the gorge of Grand River North-West, the Balfour Waterfall has always been an attraction to people. Currently, you can view it from Balfour Garden. To be at the bottom, the only current way is to descend the valley from Vuillemin Street, Beau Bassin. You will encounter the Vuillemin Waterfall first after 40min of hike, then climb a steep cliff and continue the river until Balfour Waterfall at the bottom. This is a dangerous river trekking and at any time the water level can rise up. You will need to cross the river several times and may encounter muddy water which can be dangerous. Many people have died there, mostly from drowning, generating a spooky atmosphere in the valley. And this area involves drug activities too.

  • Mamzelle Waterfall

Cascade Mamzelle Mauritius

Mamzelle Waterfall is a hidden place after Bain de Negresse, Souillac! A peaceful waterfall, where you can relax with friends and family. Walking the river bank will lead you to the valley of Bain de Negresse until Gris-Gris beach.

  • Senneville Waterfall

Cascade Senneville Mauritius

The list of the top waterfalls in Mauritius will end with Senneville Waterfall. It is situated in Senneville, Rivière des Anguilles. A total hidden place where most people around the island are not aware. The beauty of this waterfall is, it ends in the sea.

Other Waterfalls In Mauritius To Visit:

  • Balaclava Falls (Commonly known as Cascade de Rivière Citron, it is found next to Balaclava Power Mill ruins).
  • Vuillemin Waterfall (It is situated on the same track of Balfour Waterfall, with a deep dangerous pond).
  • Tortue Waterfall (This little beauty is in Vallée d’Osterlogue park).
  • Beaux Songes Falls (Known as Cascade Kaya or Cascade Cascavelle, it is composed of 3 main falls, another hidden spots in Mauritius).
  • Fixon Waterfall (It is situated in Bel Ombre, a hidden beautiful spot).
  • Jamblon Waterfall (La Nicolière and Salazie, both have some waterfalls, and among them is Ruisseau Jamblon).
  • Moka Falls (Just behind the Eureka House, there are some gorgeous waterfalls which you can visit).

Best Rivers In Mauritius

Mauritius has a lot of rivers which some are still unexplored. In fact, it is extremely complicated to explore a river entirely. Many of them flow in private or residential lands. We do have popular rivers which deserve to be visited. In addition, the waterfalls stated above are originated from them, hence, why not choose to spice your adventures with river trekking? Below, are the best rivers in Mauritius to discover:

  • Grand River South-East

Grand River South-East Mauritius

It is the longest river in Mauritius! Hiking along the river will lead you to different waterfalls, among them the Grand River South-East itself.

  • Grand River North-West

The largest river in Mauritius, but bear in mind, discovering the entire flows is extremely difficult. The gorge of Grand River North-West is vast and dangerous. Many river crossings, and some areas you need to swim particularly in the region of Soreze, and upper regions.

  • Rivière des Anguilles

Rivière des Anguilles Mauritius

More than that, Rivière des Anguilles also should be in your list of river to explore. Many parts have wonderful peaceful spots to relax and small ponds to swim.

  • Rivière des Créoles

Rivière des Créoles Mauritius

Located in the South-East, this river is fantastic and has some ponds to discover. It flows near Mahebourg and Ferney regions, both places have beautiful nature and history.

  • Rivière des Galets

Furthermore, located in the South, the Rivière des Galets hides few fantastic nature spots. Obviously, a river trekking is a must there. However, some areas flow in private lands, particularly in Chamouny and Bel Ombre regions.

Other Rivers To Explore In Mauritius

Here some other rivers to add in your exploration plans:

  • Citron River (The end of the river is beautiful, which flows the Balaclava Falls).
  • Rempart River (It does have gorgeous spots to hike, particularly in the sugarcane fields).
  • Rivière du Poste (Enriched in history, this river will amaze you if you decide a trek there).


To conclude, the above list states the famous waterfalls and rivers in Mauritius. Again, river trekking and exploration of waterfalls can be dangerous. Be responsible and do not attempt to swim in ponds or lakes which are unknown and mysterious. Some waterfalls require advanced experience in hiking while others are easy to reach. Similarly, some rivers flow in private lands and residential areas which you cannot explore entirely. Indeed, our island does have marvelous waterfalls and rivers. Sadly, severe pollution is affecting them. So, always protect the environment while adventuring!.

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