Top Shopping Malls In Mauritius

Shopping Malls in Mauritius

Searching a place to shop in Mauritius? You have come on the right page. The best shopping malls in Mauritius are stated here!

The Top Shopping Malls In Mauritius

Shopping in Mauritius is fun! Since the beginning of 2000s, the number of shopping malls have known a rise. Due to the developing tourism sector, it is clear we need shopping malls. However, with so many shopping malls in Mauritius, people are confused where to go. In fact, tourists will prefer to shop at a place where many other facilities exist as well.

Moreover, shopping malls give you the ability to not just shop but also to entertain yourself. Today, majority of shopping malls in Mauritius have food courts for instance. Similarly, movie theaters, game houses and others exist to entertain the consumers. Hence, if you are planning to spend a nice time with friends or relatives, a shopping mall can be ideal. But which shopping mall? The best of them are listed below:

  • Le Caudan Waterfront

Caudan Waterfront Mauritius

Inaugurated in 1996, Le Caudan Waterfront is one of the most famous and oldest shopping malls exists in Mauritius. It is situated in Port-Louis, next to the harbor. Le Caudan Waterfront’s name, was derived from Jean Dominique Michel de Caudan. It provides shopping facilities, cinema, game corners, sitting spots and food courts. You can appreciate the gorgeous views of the harbor and the busy motorway.

  • Grand Baie La Croisette

In addition, Grand Baie La Croisette is the most popular shopping mall in the North. It is well-known for its architecture, several entertainments and without doubt, its food court. Also, it provides activities for children until night.

  • Bagatelle Mall

Bagatelle Mall Mauritius

Additionally, another famous shopping mall in Mauritius is Bagatelle. Again here, this mall has various shops and stores, a busy food court, movie theater, a large parking space and others.

  • Phoenix Mall

Furthermore, Phoenix Mall is in Phoenix with many stores and food court. It is also one of the oldest shopping areas in Mauritius. The famous hypermarket “Continent”, back in the 1990s was located there.

  • Trianon Shopping Center

The Trianon Shopping Center is a massive large area of stores and shops, including a busy food court as well and other entertainment facilities.

Other Shopping Malls To Consider…

Apart the list above, here are some other popular shopping malls to add in your plans:

  • Riche Terre Mall (Located in Riche Terre).
  • So’Flo (It is in Curepipe, a small shopping mall but very nice).
  • Plaisance Shopping Village (The only actual popular shopping mall in the South and is located in Rose Belle).
  • Cascavelle Mall (Another small shopping mall but beautiful in Cascavelle).
  • Flacq Coeur de Ville (The most busy shopping mall in the East, precisely in Flacq).

Final Thoughts…

To conclude, most shopping malls in Mauritius feature entertainments to encourage consumers to come. Supermarkets or hypermarkets are also present. They provide a large parking area and ensure your security. Nevertheless, it is the food court which is always the busiest section in very shopping mall in Mauritius.

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