Top Points Of Interest & Sightseeing In Mauritius

Points of Interest and Sightseeing in Mauritius

There are many places in Mauritius which you may find interesting. These places of interest or sightseeing often have amazing history behind or simply they are just attractive. In this post, you will discover the top points of interest and sightseeing in Mauritius.

The Top Points Of Interest & Sightseeing In Mauritius

Mauritius is no doubt a real beautiful country! Beaches, trails, parks, mountains, waterfalls and others are all marvelous. Such a small island also has a rich history. Building ruins, ancient spots, national heritage sites and splendid viewpoints are all concerned in its points of interest and sightseeing. Below, is a list of these points of interest and sightseeing which you need to discover:

  • Chamarel Falls Viewpoint

Chamarel Falls Viewpoint Mauritius

The Chamarel Falls is among the most popular waterfalls in Mauritius. With a height of around 110m, it is the highest falls (One-flow). However, if you want to observe it from the top, there is a nice viewpoint area. In fact, it is one of the famous tourist sites locally. The Chamarel Viewpoint is a paid area but it is totally worth to spend a wonderful journey there.

  • Alexandra Falls Viewpoint

Moreover, another beautiful waterfall worth to visit is Alexandra. Again here, if you do not wish to trek a steep descent to the bottom, you may stand on a platform and watch the waterfall from the viewpoint. Unfortunately, you will see just a tiny part of the waterfall. But still, this viewpoint welcomes hundreds of visitors daily.

  • Roches-Noires Lava Tubes

Roches-Noires Lava Tubes Mauritius

Mauritius is a volcanic island like we all know. Some of its geological treasures are caves. Roches-Noires is a place where there are magnificent caves to visit. They are known as Lava Tubes and there are 6 in total. In fact, there are more in the regions but unfortunately they have been closed due to pollution, etc. You can visit the Lava Tubes with a professional guide. A torch is a must for some of the tubes.

  • Pont Bondieu Caves

Pont Bondieu Caves Mauritius

Another beautiful caves to check are Pont Bondieu. There are two caves separated by a main road. The one along the main road is easy to access through stairs. The other side is located near a spiritual building where permission is needed. A torch is recommended as well.

  • Balaclava Ruins

Balaclava Ruins Mauritius

Situated in the small and remote village of Balaclava, the Ruins is a famous place to visit. Originated in the 1740s, they were basically the remains of an old powder mill and an iron foundry. The Ruins are just behind the Maritim Resort & Spa. In addition, you can view a small waterfall nearby where you can relax.

  • Fort Adelaide

Fort Adelaide Mauritius

Constructed in the 1830s, the Fort Adelaide, also known as Citadel, had objective to protect the City of Port-Louis from invaders. Today, the building attracts tourists and locals every day. It is a nice sightseeing to visit.

  • Chamarel Seven Colored Earths

Chamarel Seven Colored Earths Mauritius

Located in Chamarel, the Seven Colored Earths are a geological formation with different colored soils. It is a popular tourist attraction and unique in the world.

  • Central Market Of Port-Louis

Central Market of Port-Louis

The Central Market of Port-Louis is a major tourist attraction. You cannot miss it if you visit the City of Port-Louis. Several products such as a large variety of vegetables and fruits, crafts, spices and others are available.

  • Bassin Blanc

Bassin Blanc Mauritius

A volcanic lake crater situated in Mont-Blanc! Reputed for its spooky atmosphere due to several suicide cases there. The Bassin Blanc can be observed from the top. There are two ways to descend to the lake. Make sure you are accompanied with a professional guide as it is a classified dangerous place.

  • Trou Kanaka

Trou Kanaka Mauritius

A lesser-known volcanic lake crater in the village of Bois-Chéri! A professional guide is needed as this sightseeing place is in a remote area.

  • Trou Aux Cerfs Crater

Trou aux Cerfs Crater Mauritius

The most popular volcanic lake crater in Mauritius. You cannot miss it as it is a popular tourist attraction. Moreover, descending into the lake can be done but be careful as the track is most of the time muddy, thus slippery.

  • Albion Lighthouse

Albion Lighthouse Mauritius

Constructed in the 1910s, it is the only operational lighthouse inland. With a height of 30m, the lighthouse has become a famous attraction due to its colors, and location which is on a cliff with amazing views. Unfortunately, you cannot enter the lighthouse without proper permission.

  • Powder Mill Of Pamplemousses

Powder Mill of Pamplemousses Mauritius

This old powder mill ruin, which is in a deplorable state is worth to visit. It is regrettable to say that the government is not doing anything to protect this National Heritage. However, the place is still amazing to check out. A real jewel which is being lost.

  • Vieux Grand-Port Ruins

Vieux Grand-Port Ruins Mauritius

The Ruins of Vieux Grand-Port are compounds erected by the French who were established after the Dutch’s departure. The buildings were composed of a bakery, forge, shelters, etc. Decades ago before  that, the Dutch occupied that site. Furthermore, the Fredrick Hendrick Museum is close by, on the same area. Thus, visiting the museum together with the site is a must to understand history.

  • Macondé

Maconde Mauritius

The Macondé is a viewpoint on the South-West coast of Mauritius. It offers a beautiful seascape and landscape view around. A reputed place for photography.

  • Mare Aux Vacoas Reservoir

Mare aux Vacoas Mauritius

The largest reservoir in Mauritius! A nice place to relax with family. You can walk around the reservoir as well. There are some wonderful nature trails which you can visit too.

  • Pointe du Diable

Pointe du Diable Mauritius

Used particularly in the Battle of Grand-Port, the Devil’s Point, commonly known as Pointe du Du Diable was a battery from the French to fight against the British. Today, this place offers magnificent views of the regions and the canons are still there.

  • Pont Naturel

Near Ilot Brocus region, there is a natural rocky bridge in the sea known as Pont Naturel. It is a popular sightseeing which many people visit everyday. Be careful while walking on the bridge, a single wrong step, you fall in the water, the chance to survive is extremely low due to the agitated waves.

  • Le Souffleur

Le Souffleur Mauritius

Just after Savinia, locates a place where you just hear the sounds of the waves, Le Souffleur. Cliffs, giant rocks in the sea, agitated waves, an amazing viewpoint to admire the force of nature.

  • Rivulet Terre Rouge Estuary Bird Sanctuary

Wetlands are important areas in Mauritius. They help to protect species and plants. At Rivulet Bird Sanctuary of Terre Rouge, you can admire migrant birds during a specific time of the year. The place has a visitor’s center with a viewing platform.

  • Black River Gorges Viewpoint

A site to admire the whole Black River Gorges from the top.

  • Belle Mare Ruins

A beautiful sugar mill ruin in Belle Mare. Gorgeous surroundings and appropriate for photo-shoot.

  • La Roche Qui Pleure

La Roche Qui Pleure Mauritius

Another marvelous cliff at Gris-Gris to admire the agitated waves.

  • Montagne Jacquot

Montagne Jacquot Mauritius

Reputed for several drowning cases, Montagne Jacquot is a cliff after Petit Verger, in Pointe aux Sables. The seascapes are gorgeous. Beware, do not swim in the sea, it is very dangerous!

  • Bois Des Amourettes Jetty

Bois des Amourettes Mauritius

A well-known jetty in the village of Bois des Amourettes for photo-shoot and to relax.

  • Government House (Parliament)

Government House Mauritius

Built by Governor Nicolas de Maupin in the 1730s, the Government House holds the local parliament today. Every year, you can visit it for free on specific occasions!

Other Points Of Interest & Sightseeing To Consider:

  • Jardin de la Compagnie (A well-known garden in Port-Louis where many monuments of important historical personalities are present).
  • Eau Bleue Reservoir (A beautiful reservoir with gorgeous landscapes in the village of Eau Bleue).
  • La Nicolière Reservoir (A reservoir to spend a nice time with family or friends).
  • Dutch Tower (An old watch tower built in the French era, in Old Grand-Port).
  • Falaise Rouge (A viewpoint of the South-East coasts, located in Ferney).
  • Le Lavoir (An old site where people used to wash clothes in Mahebourg).
  • La Cave Madame (A small cave easily accessible in Roches-Noires).


To conclude, the above list states the famous points of interest and sightseeing in Mauritius. Do visit them when you have the opportunity, to better discover the island’s history and beauties.

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