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Many places in Mauritius are interesting to visit. Most of them are popular tourist attractions. These places of interest or sightseeing often have an amazing history which you can discover to enrich your knowledge.

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A Change Of Scenery Can Change Many Things...

Plan the trips like this: note down the places stated further or simply bookmark the page on your phone. Take a car, grab your food and drinks and drive yourself on a journey of adventures. Of course, it is difficult to accomplish all places in one day. You can plan the trips based on the regions. Here we go for some of the best points of interest and sightseeing to visit as follows:

Chamarel Falls Viewpoint

Chamarel Falls Viewpoint image

The highest waterfall in Mauritius (One flow), Chamarel Falls, can be seen from the top of the valley without the need of trekking to the bottom. Watch Video.

Alexandra Falls Viewpoint

Alexandra Falls Viewpoint image

Same goes for Alexandra Falls, which can be seen partly on the top next side to it, without trekking to the bottom. It is a cool spot to picnic too.

Fort Adelaide

Fort Adelaide image

Built in the 1830s, to protect the City of Port-Louis from invaders, the Fort Adelaide, also known as the Citadel, is a popular sightseeing to visit.

Le Souffleur

Le Souffleur image

Agitated waves, dangerous cliffs, giant rocks in the sea, this is Le Souffleur, located in the South, another beautiful sightseeing spot to visit. Watch Video.

Trou Aux Cerfs Crater

Trou Aux Cerfs Crater image

The most famous volcanic crater in Mauritius, Trou Aux Cerfs can be seen from the top or hike to the bottom through a slippery muddy track. Watch Video.

Chamarel Seven Colored Earths

Chamarel Seven Colored Earths image

Located in Chamarel, a famous point of interest, the Seven Colored Earths is a geological formation with different colored soils. Watch Video.

Central Market Of Port-Louis

Central Market Of Port-Louis image

Constructed in the beginning of the 19th century, the Central Market of Port-Louis is a popular place and frequented by thousands of people daily.

Vieux Grand-Port Ruins

Vieux Grand-Port Ruins image

The Ruins of Vieux Grand-Port are compounds erected by the French after the Dutch's departure. The buildings were a bakery, forge and shelters.


Macondé image

The Macondé is an isolated rocky structure in the South, at Baie Du Cap. Reputed as a photoshoot site, it offers an amazing view from the top.

Bassin Blanc

Bassin Blanc image

Near Mont Blanc, there is a beautiful crater lake, known as the Bassin Blanc, which can be admired from above or a short trek to the bottom. Watch Video.

Albion Lighthouse

Albion Lighthouse image

Constructed in the 1910s, with a height of 30m, the lighthouse has become a famous attraction which the location is on a cliff and has amazing views.

Black River Gorges Viewpoint

Black River Gorges Viewpoint image

You can admire the gorgeous views of the Black River Gorges, from the top of Plaine Champagne. On your right, there is also a waterfall nearby. Watch Video.

Pont Naturel

Pont Naturel image

Between Le Bouchon and Le Souffleur, situates the Pont Naturel, a rocky structure which resembles a bridge, a popular sightseeing.

Government House

Government House image

Built by Governor Nicolas de Maupin in the 1730s, the Government House holds the local parliament today. You can visit it on specific occasions!

Roches Noires Lava Tubes

Roches Noires Lava Tubes image

If you want to visit some caves, the Roches Noires Lava Tubes are the best. It is composed of 6 caves, various in sizes. Torch is needed.

La Roche Qui Pleure

La Roche Qui Pleure image

A magnificent cliff after Gris-Gris beach to admire the agitated waves. Watch Video.

Other Points Of Interest & Sightseeing To Visit In Mauritius

An extra list for other nice places of interest to check out in Mauritius is:

Mare Aux Vacoas Reservoir The largest reservoir in Mauritius and also a nice place of interest for a picnic with relatives or friends.
Bois Des Amourettes Jetty A long jetty after Grand-Port where you can appreciate the beauty of the South-East seas and few islands such as Ile De La Passe and Ile Aux Fouquets.
Pointe Du Diable Used particularly in the Battle of Grand-Port, the Pointe Du Diable was a battery from the French to fight against the British.
Balaclava Ruins Situated in Balaclava, the Ruins were basically the remains of an old powder mill and an iron foundry which were built in the 1740s.
La Cave Madame In the village of Roches-Noires, near to the Government School situates another cave, which can be visited from the main road itself.
Jardin De La Compagnie Built in the 18th century in Port-Louis, this garden hosts several important personalities' monuments. Many persons go there to have a break!
Belle Mare Sugar Mill Ruins The Belle Mare Sugar Mill Ruins offers a fantastic historical and photoshoot spot. It is on a private area, thus, permission may be needed even it is on the main road.
Trou Kanaka A volcanic crater located near La Flora and Avalon regions where you can admire from the top or trek to the bottom as well.
Pont Bondieu Caves Near Salazie and Brisée Verdière, on the main road itself, situates the Pont Bondieu Caves. Stairs are provided to visit them.
Pyramids Of Plaine Magnien 7 monuments which are also classified as national heritage and were built by the laborers of Mon Trésor sugar mill in the 1940s.

Never Stop Discovering...

To conclude, the above list states the famous points of interest and sightseeing in Mauritius. Do visit them when you have the opportunity, to better discover the island’s history and beauties.

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LAST UPDATED: November 26, 2021

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