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A museum is an important institution in any country. It normally stores artifacts, a collection of objects based on cultural, historical, or scientific importance to educate the community about cultures, history, and so on.

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Museums Are Places Where Time Are Transformed Into Space...

History is important to remember and transmit through generations. A forgotten history means a forgotten identity. Every nation has a particular history behind it. The past needs to be talked about so that the population is aware of their heritage. A museum is here to represent all of these aspects to educate people. The list below will state the top museums to visit in Mauritius.

National History Museum

National History Museum image

At Mahebourg in the Robillard House, the museum has a collection of artifacts during the Dutch, French and British eras.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum image

The museum is in the ground floor of the Mauritius Institute building. It is mostly about the animal species on our island.

Blue Penny Museum

Blue Penny Museum image

Situated in Port-Louis, among its best collections include the Red & Blue Penny stamps and the original Paul & Virginia statue.

Bank of Mauritius Museum

Bank of Mauritius Museum image

Opened in 2018, the museum is in the building of the Central Bank of Mauritius and has great money artifact collections.

Aapravasi Ghat

Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Site image

It is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It was an immigration depot of Indentured laborers, built in the 1840s.

World Of Seashells

World Of Seashells image

Located in Bel Ombre, for marine lovers, this museum is a must! It has thousands of amazing seashells as collections.

Mauritius Postal Museum

Mauritius Postal Museum image

The postal service has been an important pillar since the 19th century. A museum is dedicated to it and located at Port-Louis.

Robert Edward Hart Memorial

Robert Edward Hart Memorial Museum image

Known as "La Nef", it is a museum on the Mauritian poet, Robert Edward Hart, which was also his last residence.

Photography Museum

Photography Museum image

Created in 1966, this museum has collected and preserved numerous cameras and photography artifacts from the 19th century.

Frederik Hendrik Museum

Frederik Hendrik Museum image

The Frederik Hendrik Museum exhibits wonderful historical artifacts. It is located next to the Vieux Grand-Port Ruins.

L’Aventure du Sucre

L’Aventure du Sucre image

A museum fully based on the history of the sugar industry in our country. It will make you travel back in time with fantastic artifacts.

Martello Tower Museum

Martello Tower Museum image

Built by the British, the tower was a defense building, located in La Preneuse which has been restored and preserved for you to visit.

Other Museums To Consider In Mauritius

Some colonial or plantation houses have been converted into museums and are listed below:

Château de Riche-en-Eau Built-in the 1800s and owned by the family of De Rochecouste, the Château de Riche-en-Eau is a real magical place to be.
State House Built for defense purposes, the State House now acts as a secondary residence of the President of Mauritius, to welcome distinguish guests and so on.
Château de Labourdonnais Built in the 1850s by Christian Wiehe, this plantation house has beautiful gardens, a rum distillery and others.
Eureka House The Eureka House is located in Moka. It was built in the 1830s and owned by the French and British aristocrats.
Tea Route The Tea Route includes three different historical places: Domaine des Aubineaux, Bois Chéri and Saint Aubin House.
Rhumerie de Chamarel Restaurant & Rum Distillery A place to learn about the local rum and some historical facts as well
Rajiv Gandhi Science Center It is a museum about science.

Never Stop Learning...

To conclude, museums are very important to discover. They are among the main tools to enrich the knowledge of the younger generations to keep preserving history. Most museums’ accesses are payable while few others are free. Also, many of them provide facilities such as restaurant, gardens and splendid scenic views. Learning the history of your own country must be one of the most necessary tasks for every real patriot!

AUTHOR: Ali J (Administrator)
LAST UPDATED: November 25, 2021

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