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Outdoor activities are very popular in Mauritius and the number of leisure places has known an increase. Quad biking, horse riding, via Ferrata, zip-lining, and other famous activities are provided by few companies for you to have fun. Other entertainments such as horse racing or water park are nice places to bring your relatives and friends to spend a wonderful time.

Famous Leisure & Attraction Places To Go

Thrill and adrenaline adventures entertain people. The zip-line activity is one of the most chosen by adrenaline junkies. But be careful, always ask the related service provider if proper maintenance has been made on the equipment. This is because there were accidents in the past, resulting in the death of people due to defective equipment. Quad-biking is another famous activity. You do not need a particular license for that, just a basic driving skill is enough, but still, it is a dangerous sport as most of these quad biking tracks are rocky and muddy. Those who love mountain climbing can participate in Ferrata activities. Let's get directly into the famous places for these entertainments.

CASELA Nature Park

CASELA World of Adventures image

The largest zoo in Mauritius, with over 1800 animals, is surrounded by nature and also it provides several outdoor activities to enjoy.

La Vanille Nature Park

La Vanille Nature Park image

La Vanille Nature Park in Rivière des Anguilles, exhibits a variety of species, a museum, a restaurant, and beautiful nature.

Chazal Ecotourism

Chazal Ecotourism image

Located in Chamouny, the Chazal Ecotourism offers some outdoor activities and a gorgeous nature with a peaceful atmosphere.

Lavilleon Natural Forest

Lavilleon Natural Forest image

Another place to do leisure activities such as Via Ferrata, hiking, Nepalese bridge crossing, and others in the heart of Chamarel village.

Heritage Nature Reserve

Heritage Nature Reserve image

Another marvelous nature reserve in the South at Bel Ombre, the Heritage offers quad biking, hiking, river trekking as activities.

Ebony Forest Reserve

Ebony Forest Reserve image

A conversation site rich with endemic species, you can hike up to Piton Canot mountain to enjoy fantastic views of the South-West.

Vallée des Couleurs Park

La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park image

Well-known for its 23 colored earths landscape, this park offers a variety of outdoor activities like zip-line and quad biking.

Gros Cailloux Leisure Park

Gros Cailloux Leisure Park image

A nice leisure park, particularly to bring your family for activities at different prices such as fishing, a short zip-lining, kayaking and so on.

Curious Corner of Chamarel

Curious Corner of Chamarel image

If you love curiosity and the "odd" aspect of life, Curious Corner is the right entertainment place for its illusions and riddles.

Champ de Mars Racecourse

Champ de Mars Racecourse image

Built-in the beginning of 1800s, the Champ De Mars is a track for horse racing in Mauritius and has entertained people every week since.

Vallée de Ferney

Vallée de Ferney image

A nature reserve with endemic species and animals located in Ferney, where you can hike and explore nature.

Domaine de L’étoile

Domaine de L’étoile image

Situated in L'étoile, near Sebastopol, this nature reserve offers different activities like quad biking, zip-lining, hiking, etc.

Splash n Fun

Splash n Fun image

Located at Belle-Mare, the Splash n Fun is the only waterpark in Mauritius to have fun with amazing aquatic activities.

Odysseo Mauritius

Odyseeo Mauritius image

The largest aquarium in Mauritius, and the Indian Ocean as well, with thousands of species, is located in Les Salines.

It Is Fun Time...

To conclude, the above list states some of the best places for leisure and attraction on Mauritius Island. It is best to phone at these places for the different packages they offer and also their opening and closing hours.

AUTHOR: Ali J (Administrator)
LAST UPDATED: September 3, 2021

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