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Mauritius itself as an island is surrounded by several other islands and islets. Many of them are allowed to be visited while others such as Round Island, Serpent Island and Coin De Mire are prohibited due to the protection of species and plants.

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Mauritius Is Gorgeous Outside Too...

Today, you can find many catamarans and speed boat companies that provide different packages to land on these islands or islets. Both the locals and foreigners enjoy visiting them, sometimes with a BBQ party or enjoying different aquatic activities as well. If you want to spend a memorable time with friends or relatives, you can decide which of these following amazing islands and islets to visit:

Île Plate

Île Plate image

Situated in the North of Mauritius, it takes around 1.5 hours to reach via a catamaran and it has a lighthouse on the top with a beautiful white sandy beach.

Île Aux Cerfs

Île Aux Cerfs image

Close to Trou D'Eau Douce, Île Aux Cerfs is best for aquatic activities like kitesurfing, snorkeling, and a gorgeous beach for swimming. Watch Video.

Île Aux Benitiers

Île Aux Benitiers image

Situated in the West, Île Aux Benitiers is popular for picnic events and you can also visit the Crystal Rock, a famous rocky structure in the sea nearby.

Île Aux Fouquets

Île Aux Fouquets image

Known as Île Au Phare, it is classified as National Heritage and situated in the South-East. It has an old lighthouse and some ruins dated to the British period. Watch Video.

Île D’Ambre

Île D’Ambre image

Classified as the third-largest national park on the island, Île D’Ambre has a nice hiking trail, a camping area, a volcanic crater, wetlands, and some ruins.

Île De La Passe

Île De La Passe image

Near to Île Aux Fouquets, Île De La Passe holds a powerful history of Mauritius as it was used as a military base during the Battle of Grand-Port in the 1810s. Watch Video.

Île Aux Aigrettes

Île Aux Aigrettes image

This islet is a nature reserve, occupied by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. It has endemic species and a visit takes around 1.5 hours.

Other Islands And Islets To Consider In Mauritius

Want to visit more? Do consult the list as follows for more islands and islets:

Ilot Gabriel Situated next to Île Plate, the Gabriel Islet is reputed for its turquoise and white sandy beach.
Ilot Sancho A small islet in the South precisely at Rivière des Galets! According to a legend, a treasure has been buried there.
Ilot Fourneau Near to Le Morne, Fourneau is a small island to cut off from everything. It has a hill which offers amazing views.
Île Des Deux Cocos Partly private area and partly public, this small islet is good for a short break and is located at Blue Bay.
Coin De Mire Even it is prohibited to land, Coin De Mire is a nature reserve where you can sail, dive and snorkel around it.
Ilot Bernache Next to Île D'Ambre, Bernache is a tranquil islet, best for barbecue moments among friends or relatives.

Sometimes, You Need A Break From The Mainland...

Do not forget to keep the habit to protect the environment. Do not litter and do not damage nature. All of these islands and islets are cleaned mostly by volunteers or cruise organizers. So, do respect the environment!

AUTHOR: Ali J (Administrator)
LAST UPDATED: November 25, 2021

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