Top Attraction Places In Mauritius

Attraction Places in Mauritius

There are many attraction places in Mauritius to spend a nice time. This post will state some of them where you can go to enjoy.

Famous Attraction Places In Mauritius

If you want to hike in a nature reserve, or in search of adrenaline sports, then this article is for you. Several private lands which are nature reserves, also provide outdoor activities. Similarly, they have a variety of extreme sports at a price like quad biking, zip-lining, etc. Thus, they are considered as a place of attraction. Obviously, not all are nature reserves! While some provide the ability to hike or do quad-biking in nature, there are places which provide specific types of attractions.

Whether you are a local or a tourist, the list of the famous attractions and nature reserves in Mauritius are as follows:

  • CASELA World of Adventures

Casela World of Adventures Mauritius

If you are searching a zoo in Mauritius, the CASELA World of Adventures is a place to be. Situated in Cascavelle, the animal park is amazing with different animals. Birds, giraffes, ostriches, zebras, lions, fish, the list goes on. Moreover, it provides extreme outdoor activities like zip-lining, quad biking, buggy riding, the famous roller-coaster “Tulawaka”, etc.

  • La Vanille Nature Park

La Vanille Nature Park Mauritius

Moreover, La Vanille Nature Park is well-known for its different crocodile species. It also has an insectorium, a restaurant and some other animals can be seen.

  • Vallée de Ferney

The Ferney Valley is situated in Ferney, in the South-East of Mauritius. It is basically a nature reserve, with around 200 hectares in size and is managed by the Vallée de Ferney Conservation Trust. The aim of this conservation is to protect the endemic plants and the restoration of indigenous forests. The Ferney Valley can be visited via a 2 hours hike where you can appreciate the magnificent nature.

  • Champ de Mars Racecourse

Champ de Mars Mauritius

Furthermore, Champ de Mars exists since 1812. It is the only horse race track in Mauritius. During the race season, you can visit the track on racing day which occurs normally on Saturdays. The atmosphere of Champ de Mars is always great. Thousands of gamblers and horse enthusiasts come with their family or friends to enjoy.

  • Curious Corner of Chamarel

Curious Corner of Chamarel Mauritius

Additionally, if you want to enjoy at a weird place, the Curious Corner of Chamarel is the best! Optical illusions and riddles will spice your journey there.

  • La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park

The Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park has a unique geological feature in the world. It is the 23 colored earths! Not only this, but you can also enjoy various activities such as quad biking, buggy riding, zip-lining, Nepalese Bridge. You can hike to their beautiful waterfalls as well.

  • Ebony Forest Reserve

Ebony Forest Reserve Mauritius

More than that, the Ebony Forest Reserve has its aims to conserve endemic species and the remaining indigenous forest. It was opened in 2017, and this nature reserve is marvelous. Apart from that, the reserve allows you to hike up to Piton Canot mountain. It is one of the best peaks in Mauritius which offers astonishing views.

  • Heritage Nature Reserve

Heritage Nature Reserve Mauritius

Finally. hidden in the village of Bel Ombre, Heritage Nature Reserve is a hunting site and a jewel in nature exploring. Quad biking, hiking, buggy riding can be done there. Additionally, you can admire the beauty of the highest waterfall in Mauritius, 500 Pieds. It is among the largest nature reserves inland!

Other Famous Attraction Places In Mauritius

Apart the list above, here are some other popular attraction places to consider:

  • Lavilleon Natural Forest (It provides outdoor activities and is located in Chamarel).
  • Gros Caillou Leisure Park (Particularly for kids to enjoy some activities).
  • Chazal Ecotourism (Provides extreme outdoor activities such as hiking, river trekking, etc).
  • Domaine de L’étoile (Another private reserve with amazing outdoor activities).
  • Mauritius Aquarium (Where you can learn on the different marine life in our lagoons).

Final Thoughts…

To conclude, at least once in your lifetime you need to try something different. Imagine conquering your fear by walking on a Nepalese Bridge. Or, train yourself driving on dirt tracks on a quad bike for instance. So, you achieve these aims at one of these places!

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