Top 12 Mountains In Mauritius

Mountains in Mauritius

Mauritius, a volcanic island, has an amazing nature! Apart its gorgeous beaches, waterfalls and trails, it has also fantastic mountains. In case you are planning a mountain hike, take a look on the list of the top 12 mountains in Mauritius further.

Find Out The Best Mountains To Climb

Hiking, trekking and rock climbing have become popular activities locally. More and more people are interested to spend their time far away from the busy city life. Resourcing yourself on the top of a mountain is a real fabulous experience, enjoying the tranquil and peaceful moments.

Mauritius has hundreds of peaks. Obviously, it is extremely complicated to climb all of them. In fact, few require professional equipment and skills on rock climbing. There are basically 5 mountain ranges here, namely: Moka Range (Including Port-Louis), Black River Range, Savanne Range, Bambous Range and Grand-Port-Range. Many mountains have been named based on their geological formations or mythologies. For instance, Lion mountain has been named because it looks like a lion is sitting, where you can illustrate the head and tail. Same goes for Le Pouce mountain, where the summit resembles a “thumb”. Also, Pieter Both holds a mythology behind it.

The list on the top mountains in Mauritius have been prepared based on popularity, views and physical technicalities.

  • Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire / Black River Peak

It is the highest peak in Mauritius and forms part in the Black River Range. In addition, it has a height of 828m and Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire can be ascended mainly from 3 ways. The most difficult and longest track is from the Black River Gorges. The second way is from Chamarel, which is a bit technical as well. The most used and shortest way is from the Black River Peak Hiking Trail.

Piton de la Petite Riviere photos

From Black River Peak Hiking Trail, you can reach the summit in around 1.5 hours. A long rope is available for you to easily ascend the final part. From the top, there is a bench painted with the colors of the National Flag, also known as “Bench 828”. It is technically, the highest architecture in our island. You do not need a guide to ascend this mountain, but it is better to be accompanied!


Name: Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire / Black River Peak
Location: Black River
Mountain range: Black River Range
Height: 828m
Starting point: Google Map
Difficulty: 2/5 from Black River Peak Hiking Trail
Duration: 1.5 hours (One way) from Black River Peak Hiking Trail

  • Pieter Both

Pieter Both is the second highest mountain in Mauritius. It is situated in La Laura, Malenga. Pieter Both mountain’s name is derived from the first Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies. However, the name involves a mythology which is dated since many decades ago. According to the myth, a milkman was passing near the mountain, where he witnessed some fairies bathing. The fairies warned him to not reveal any of their whereabouts to anyone, else they would transform him into a rock. Sadly, he could not keep the secret and he was transformed into a giant rock, which you can notice on the very top of the mountain. Well, this is all a legend!

Pieter Both mountain

The mountain needs heavy endurance to ascend. A professional guide is a must in this type of trekking. The ascent is steep and cases of rock falling can occur anytime, particularly in the rains. The mountain is described into 3 parts by hikers, namely: “shoulder”, “neck” and “head”. The “head” is typically the giant rock on the top. If you just want to trek to enjoy the breathtaking views, you can stop on the “shoulder” part. Nevertheless, the “neck” and the “head” require basic rock climbing skills and mountaineering equipment. Thus, you may consult some professional accredited mountaineering guides or companies to make you achieving the summit. Pieter Both can take around 2.5 hours to ascend until shoulder and up to 4 hours on the “head”.


Name: Pieter Both
Location: La Laura Malenga
Height: 820m
Starting point: Google Map
Difficulty: 5/5
Duration: 3 hours (One way)

  • Le Pouce

Le Pouce is the most famous mountain in the Moka Range. In fact, it is the third highest mountain in Mauritius. Formed since around 10 millions years ago, Le Pouce has become an important tourist attraction today. Moreover, Charles Darwin, the Father of Evolution, ascended it during his journeys around the world. The name was obtained because its geological structure giving a “thumb” shaped!

Le Pouce mountain photo

To ascend Le Pouce, the most common way is from Petit Verger. It is a relatively easy, mostly steep flat terrain, until you reach the summit where some climbing are required. The ascension time from Petit Verger is around 1 hour. Another way to climb is from Le Dauguet Nature Trail. This one is longer and steeper but almost covered. In rainy days, the track of Le Pouce can be very muddy and slippery. It is regrettable to say, Le Pouce is facing a massive rapid erosion problem. Day by day the summit is becoming a danger to reach as sometimes the rocks get detached. The views from Le Pouce are wonderful, better than any mountains in the regions.


Name: Le Pouce
Location: Petit Verger / Saint Pierre
Mountain range: Moka Range
Height: 810m
Starting point: Google Map
Difficulty: 2/5 from Petit Verger
Duration: 1.5 hours (One way) from Petit Verger

  • Corps de Garde

Corps de Garde is a nice mountain to climb in the regions of Quatre-Bornes. It is situated next to La Ferme reservoir and Saint Pierre mountain. With a height of 720m, Corps de Garde offers great views of the Central Plateau. According to scholars, there was a French military post on the mountain to guard the slaves. A part of the rocky structure of the mountain gives an illusion that a man is sleeping. Furthermore, there are endemic plants in its surroundings.

Corps de Garde mountain

The mountain is not difficult to ascend, but the climate is almost dry there and sometimes very windy. Hence, severe precautions must be taken while walking on the edges. The paths are straight-forward, just follow the trails.


Name: Corps de Garde
Location: Camp Levieux
Height: 720m
Starting point: Google Map
Difficulty: 2.5/5
Duration: 2 hours (One way)

  • Le Morne Brabant

Classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Le Morne Brabant is one of the most fantastic mountains to climb in Mauritius. It is situated in Le Morne village, a place which has a deep connection with the national history. Le Morne Brabant witnessed several atrocities. Back in the colonial era, slaves ascended this mountain to escape from their masters. According to a legend, when slavery was abolished, some guards climbed to announce them the good news. Due to misunderstandings and misinterpretations, they thought the guards were coming to capture them, thus, they jumped from the mountain and died. These are speculations and rumors, but in reality, no concrete historical evidences in any forms exist to support these.

Le Morne Brabant mountain

Le Morne Brabant is around 556m and the climbable part is approximately 490m. Today, events are held every year there to commemorate the Abolition of Slavery holiday. The mountain was opened to the general public to make people discover and feel the dark history behind it. This mountain is technical, and it is better to be accompanied by a professional guide. On the top of the climbable part, a steel cross has been placed in the memory of the dead slaves. It can take around 3 hours to successfully ascend the mountain to the top. The views will make you stunned! You can admire the gorgeous Ilot Fourneau and the beaches around, as well as a large part of the Black River mountain range.


Name: Le Morne Brabant
Location: Le Morne
Mountain range: Isolated peak
Height: 556m but climbable at 490m
Starting point: Google Map
Difficulty: 3.5/5
Duration: 3 hours (One way)

  • Lion

Lion forms part in the Grand-Port Range. With a height of 480m, it is an iconic mountain in Mauritius. It is not a hard mountain but some parts require some climbing skills. The mountain is fully covered, lots of mosquitoes and millipedes.

Lion mountain

The trail can be complicated to find if you are going to ascend it for the first time. Hence, it is advisable to get a guide. There are 3 ways to start climbing it, but the most popular is from the Grand-Port police station, passing the sugarcane fields. On the summit, it is mostly flat and if the bushes are not tall, you can admire the South-East regions perfectly as well as other surroundings. Nevertheless, the best area to enjoy amazing views are from the slope before reaching the summit, where is a wooden barrier (See picture above).


Name: Lion
Location: Grand-Port
Mountain range: Grand-Port Range
Height: 480m
Starting point: Google Map
Difficulty: 3/5 from the Police Station
Duration: 2.5 hours (One way)

  • Piton Savanne

The Savanne Range is less popular compared to other mountain ranges in Mauritius. However, it has beautiful peaks and Piton Savanne is one of them! Piton Savanne is the sixth highest peak in Mauritius, with a height of 715m.

Piton Savanne mountain

Piton Savanne is an easy mountain to climb. It lies next to some private lands but the public can ascend it with permission. The best part of this mountain is the ridge! The views from the ridge are more fantastic than on the summit. It is so calm and peaceful! Furthermore, this is a wet region, hence, it can rain at anytime. So, take the necessary precautions before ascending it.


Name: Piton Savanne
Location: Mont Blanc / Black River Gorges
Mountain range: Savanne Range
Height: 715m
Starting point: Google Map
Difficulty: 2/5
Duration: 2.5 hours (One way)

  • Montagne des Signaux / Signal Mountain

Montagne des Signaux or Signal Mountain, is the most climbed mountain in the Port-Louis Range. With a height of 323m, it includes a 3km health tarred track where hundreds of fitness enthusiasts use every week. A guide is not required and all ages can do it with some endurance. In fact, it is the most easiest mountain to climb in Mauritius!

Montagnes des Signaux photo

On the ridge, there are wooden benches for those who want to enjoy the surroundings. On the top of Montagne des Signaux, there are telecommunication and television antennas installed. From the ridge, you can continue to attain other peaks such as Quoin Bluff, Spear Grass, Goat Peak and Snail Rock. From Spear Grass to Snail Rock, the one way track becomes technical, thus only experienced hikers can adventure there. Additionally, advanced skill trekkers can continue beyond Snail Rock to reach Le Pouce mountain’s ridge, but this is on a different difficulty level.


Name: Montagne des Signaux / Signal Mountain
Location: Port-Louis
Mountain range: Port-Louis Range
Height: 323m
Starting point: Google Map
Difficulty: 1/5
Duration: 40 minutes (One way)

  • Trois Mamelles

Also known as the “Devil” mountain, Trois Mamelles is a range of 3 peaks, where the center’s height is 666m, yes, the devil’s number. The West and East peaks can be ascended with mountaineering equipment. Trois Mamelles is a dangerous mountain, not for the faint-hearted. You need a massive courage to achieve the top of the center peak.

Trois Mamelles photo

Situated next to Rempart mountain in Cascavelle or Beaux Songes regions, the Trois Mamelles has recently gained attention to trekkers. It is quite steep, a short track but extremely scary. Once you reach on the ridge, there is a narrow part where you need to climb to continue. Even a piece of metal has been placed there to help you climbing, a single wrong step, you are dead meat! After that, the scarier part becomes real. You need to walk an extreme narrow path again until you reach the top which becomes a problem if the weather is too windy. Trois Mamelles is for adrenaline seekers and not for the chickens! Get a professional guide, do not attempt it if it is your first time.


Name: Trois Mamelles
Location: Cascavelle
Height: 666m (Center peak)
Starting point: Google Map
Difficulty: 5/5 (Due to the high risk)
Duration: 2 hours (One way)

  • Le Chat et la Souris

Furthermore, not popular as such, but Le Chat et la Souris is among the top mountains in the list! It is located in the Bambous Virieux regions, and forms part in the Bambous Range. It is basically two peaks, one resembles a cat and the other a mouse. So, this is why the name has been derived from the weird rocky structures.

Le Chat et la Souris photo

Le Chat et la Souris can be climbed from two different ways. The longest and technical is from Olivia. It requires around 3 hours to reach the top. The tracks involve lots of mosquitoes and often humid in rainy seasons. The other possible way is from a small village, Marie-Jeanne. It is shorter and relatively less technical. From the top, you can admire the regions of South-East up to Grand-Port.


Name: Le Chat et la Souris
Location: Olivia / Bambous Virieux regions
Height: 480m
Difficulty: 3/5 from Olivia
Duration: 3 hours (One way)

  • Deux Mamelles

Close to Pieter Both, exists a great mountain, the Deux Mamelles! It is situated in Ripailles, next to Verdun motorway and has two peaks, West and East.

Deux Mamelles photo

It is better to climb the East peak as the West is a bit shorter and offers same views from the summit. The East peak is very steep, but not difficult to climb. The track is one way, just follow it. More than that, there are guava trees on each side, thus, hold them while climbing. The top is steeper to reach, hence be careful. On the summit, you can appreciate the gorgeous views of Nouvelle Découverte, Bar le Duc, and many places around. This mountain offers better views than Pieter Both as it is not that high, so, you can determine buildings and surroundings clearly with your eyes.


Name: Deux Mamelles
Location: Ripailles
Height: 630m
Starting point: Google Map
Difficulty: 2.5/5 (East peak)
Duration: 1.5 hours (One way)

  • Tourelle du Tamarin

Tourelle du Tamarin is an isolated peak located in the coastal village of Tamarin. It is around 560m and is well-known for hosting the famous Dodo Trail! The mountain is in a private property, so, please ask permission if you want to climb it.

Tourelle du Tamarin photo

The Tourelle du Tamarin is quite steep. As the climate is hot and dry in this region, it is no doubt true that a good endurance is needed to achieve it. There are different tracks to be on the top. It depends where you are starting. The summit offers marvelous views of the West coasts.


Name: Tourelle du Tamarin
Location: Tamarin
Mountain range: Isolated Peak
Height: 563m
Starting point: Google Map
Difficulty: 3/5 from Petit Verger
Duration: 3 hours (One way)

Other Interesting Mountains In Mauritius

Apart these mountains listed above, there are other amazing peaks which you can consider in your list. They are as follows:

  • Quoin Bluff (It is on the same ridge of Montagne des Signaux).
  • Snail Rock (Quite steep peak in the Port-Louis Range).
  • Piton Canot (An amazing mountain and alternative of Tourelle du Tamarin in the Black River Range).
  • Cocotte (In the Black River Range and the fourth highest peak in Mauritius).
  • Calebasse (An isolated peak close to Deux Mamelles mountain).
  • Montagne Brisée (In the Grand-Port Range).
  • Rempart mountain (An extremely dangerous peak and in private land, just in front of Trois Mamelles).
  • Candos Hill (A short hill in Sodnac, ideal for morning exercise).
  • Piton Jacob (Often confused as Virgin Peak in the region of Vallée-des-Prêtres).
  • Piton du Milieu (An isolated peak in Piton du Milieu and in a private property).

Some Useful Tips Before Climbing A Mountain

Whether you are a local and it is your first time climbing a mountain in Mauritius, or a foreigner, here are some useful tips:

  • Get a professional and registered guide. Make sure the guide is a first-aid qualified as well.
  • Carry at least 2 liters of water.
  • Bring foods which will give you energy.
  • Do not climb a mountain if you are not fit physically and psychologically.
  • Carry a rope of at least 5m, depending the mountains.
  • Bring your phone too.
  • Do not carry too much weight.
  • Bring a headlamp in case you are staying a bit late.
  • Wear appropriate hiking shoes and clothes.
  • Carry mosquito repellents.

Final Thoughts…

To conclude, these are the top 12 mountains in Mauritius! Do not forget, always protect the environment while hiking or trekking. The starting points may not be accurate at the time this post was written and the webmaster is not responsible in case you encounter a problem. Do not adventure in private property without permission too. Please read the disclaimer. An important note, always choose a guide who is registered and professional for security and legal reasons. Some non-registered guides with some climbing equipment pretend to be experts in mountaineering, but for them money matters the most. They may have skills and experiences, but they are not legal to operate risky events.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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