Things To Do In Mauritius & Rodrigues Island

Things to do in Mauritius and Rodrigues Island

Are you someone who is planning to visit Mauritius and Rodrigues Island? You do not know what are the best activities to do there? Then, you have come to the right place! Learn more about the best things to do in Mauritius and Rodrigues Island further below.

Find Out The Activities To Do In Mauritius

Mauritius is well-known for its splendid turquoise water and white sandy beaches, so there is a perception from the foreigners that the only thing to do here is related to the sea. However, there is more than that!

Water sports

First of all, let’s kick this article by starting on water sports. As stated above, Mauritius is recognized for its beautiful beaches, obviously, water sports and other sea activities are among the best things to do. Hence, do visit the best beaches in Mauritius, enjoy swimming, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, pedalo, fishing, kite surfing, paddling, dolphin and whale watching, BBQ on islets, and others. Do dream having a relaxation day on a white sandy beach, with a cocktail in your hand and maybe, being massaged by a massage therapist.

Hiking and trekking

We do not have only gorgeous beaches! We also have superb mountains, dreamy nature trails and fantastic waterfalls to discover. So, explore the mountains and see Mauritius 360 degrees from the tops. Forget your stress by hiking wonderful nature trails, listening the birds singing and feel the trees. Moreover, discover the sublime waterfalls we have, in fact many of them are lesser-known in our nature. Therefore, hiking and trekking in Mauritius is a must!

Outdoor activities

Apart from hiking and trekking, take part in some outdoor activities such as quad biking, mountain biking, archery, horse riding on the beach or sky diving. Add some spices by doing a zip-line, walking on a Nepalese Bridge, etc. There is a lot of outdoor activities you can perform here.

Learn Mauritius and the Mauritians

It is regrettable to say that even many Mauritians do not know their country’s history. Or, they know it only from the basics they have learned in school or college. If you are a passionate of history and love Mauritius itself, it is crystal clear you need to dig more on its origin and how it became today. Mauritians are wonderful people. They are always ready to help and they welcome people with their heart in the country. Hence, by learning Mauritians, you will also learn their backgrounds, origins, beliefs, music, cultures, lifestyles, foods and much more.


Go shopping with a smile. Lots of places exist in Mauritius to shop. Visit shopping malls, markets and others. Some shops do offer a low-tax sale or tax refunds on their products, thus, seize the opportunity!

Visit places of interest

Mauritius has nice places of interest and sightseeing to visit. Most of these places are enriched with history or something else amazing which are worth to check out.

Taste the local foods

This list of things to do in Mauritius would be incomplete without mentioning one of the fundamental aspects we have, foods! As we are composed of different cultural backgrounds, thus we are lucky to savor different types of dishes such as Indian, European, Chinese, etc. Our delicious “cuisines” are famous worldwide. Taste and enjoy the local foods, you will not regret…

List Of Activities To Do In Rodrigues…

Move on to Rodrigues, a wonderful island situated around 600km away from Mauritius! Thousands of people travel to Rodrigues every year. So, this little pearl is growing popular. Both tourists and the locals will tell you that this island is a must to visit.

The activities in Rodrigues Island are mostly the same as in Mauritius. Regarding water sports, you can enjoy sea activities such as swimming, diving, fishing, etc. The octopus fishing season is famous there. Do not miss it! Also, hiking is popular as well. Rodrigues does not have big mountains like in Mauritius, but it has some wonderful short trails. Make sure you carry your sunscreen, the hike can be difficult under the scorching sun. Recently, mountain biking is growing rapidly as activity in Rodrigues. If you are a mountain biker or cyclist, grab the opportunity to practice this sport there.

Furthermore, shopping in the market of Port-Mathurin is highly recommended. There are no shopping malls in Rodrigues like in Mauritius, hence, its main market has everything you need from local pickles to handcraft products. Additionally, Rodrigues has a vast of places of interest. The caves, the nature reserves, the landmarks, some islets, countless viewpoints from the hillsides, well, the list goes on…

Finally, learn about the ways of living and the cultures of the locals. They are very nice people and their foods are unique!

What Are You Waiting?

To conclude, these are the main activities you can perform while traveling to Mauritius and Rodrigues. Get your backpack ready and start your holidays as soon as possible!

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