Plan Your Visit In Mauritius Island

Plan your visit in Mauritius and Rodrigues

Ready for some holidays? Plan your visit in Mauritius without stress. This section is for tourists who are planning to travel to this beautiful island. All these information provided will be short and direct as possible for better understanding.

Mauritius, In Brief…

Let’s begin with a short description of Mauritius itself! It is a volcanic island situated in the Indian Ocean. Its capital is Port-Louis and it has around 1,300,000 inhabitants. Due to its massive economic and social developments, Mauritius is ranked among the best countries in Africa. The outer islands are Rodrigues, Agaléga, Saint Brandon, the disputed Chagos Archipelago and the co-manageable Tromelin with France. Refer to the following link for further readings on Mauritius.

How To Travel To Mauritius?

There are only two ways: air and sea. Mauritius’s international airport, is located in Plaine Magnien and can welcome million of passengers per year. Another way to visit Mauritius is from cruises. The cruise port is located in Port-Louis.

The Best Time To Visit Mauritius

There are two seasons, summer and winter. Basically, there is no best time to visit as it depends on the activities you will do. The summer season is from October to April, while winter is from May to September. If you are planning to enjoy the beaches, then it is better on November to March. However, in winter, you can enjoy other activities like hiking, trekking, etc. Bear in mind that in February and March, Mauritius often encounters heavy rainfalls. The cyclonic season is in summer too. Also, in summer season, it is normally the peak point for accommodations as most tourists travel during these periods, thus, holidays can be expensive.

Where To Stay In Mauritius?

Hotels, hostels, inns, apartments, or even home stays are the main means you can choose to stay in Mauritius. Hotels can be super expensive. It is better to choose a good inn/hostel, particularity if you want just a half-board package, as most of the days you will be out to visit places. Home-stays are not popular and you need to be careful on this except if you already know the family where you will live. If you are coming on a budget holiday, choose hostel!

Transportation In Mauritius

The best way to visit the island is by car, particularity if you rent one. But bus is the most used form of transportation and is cheaper. In Mauritius, the roads are in good conditions to travel. The driving side is on the left, hence, be careful if you are used to drive on the right.

Visa & Tax Refund

Concerning details on VISA and tax refunds, refer to these links:

Tax refund: or

Public Holidays

Learn more about the public holidays here.

What To Visit In Mauritius?

For the best places to visit, consult this section here.

Things To Do In Mauritius

There are many amazing things to do while enjoying holidays in Mauritius. Refer to this section here.

Emergency Services And Important Institutions

For emergency numbers and institutions, please go to this page.

Useful Tips While Traveling To Mauritius

More than that, consider these additional and important tips when you enjoying your holidays in Mauritius:

  • English and French are national languages. Creole is native language. Some oriental languages such as Hindi, Bhojpuri and Mandarin are spoken by few. Thus, the population is multilingual.
  • The driving side is on the left.
  • Always read reviews before choosing any place to stay.
  • Try to bargain when shopping.
  • Beware of getting ripped off during shopping.
  • Always consult a credible guide before visiting a place, such as mountain, waterfall, trail, etc.
  • The local currency is Mauritian Rupee.
  • The local time is GMT+4
  • Rent a vehicle from a genuine car rental agency.
  • Carry your driving license with you.
  • In some places, your passport may be asked.
  • Mauritius is a multiracial and a multicultural island. Hence, always wear decently while visiting a religious or spiritual place.
  • Protect your valuable things. Be aware while wandering in remote areas.
  • Do not litter. Protect the environment.
  • Nudity on the beach is not allowed.
  • Free WiFi is available at some places, particularly shopping malls. However, the connection can be slow.

Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues is a full autonomous outer island of Mauritius. It is a volcanic island situated around 560km away from Mauritius. Read more on Rodrigues Island here.

To visit Rodrigues Island, you need to transit from Mauritius. There are only two possible ways, either from air or by sea. The climate is almost the same like in Mauritius, except it is a bit more hot and dry in summer. The best time to travel in Rodrigues is the same as in Mauritius. Regarding accommodation, you can stay in hotels, inns and even home-stays. Furthermore, the most used transportation in Rodrigues is car, but particularly 4×4, as not all the roads are properly tarred. It is a hilly island, hence, it will be better to travel in a vehicle adapted to uphills. For rest, such as tax refund information, public holidays, etc, all are the same as in Mauritius. The emergency numbers in Rodrigues can be consulted on this page. Finally, the best places to visit in Rodrigues are revealed here and the best things to do here.

What About Visiting Other Outer Islands?

Other outer islands of Mauritius apart Rodrigues are: Agaléga, Chagos Archipelago, Tromelin and Saint Brandon. Learn more on these islands here.

So, What Are You Waiting?

Start preparing your travel bags and enjoy the beauty of Mauritius and Rodrigues as soon as possible. Savor the local cuisines, dance on the local songs, talk and laugh with the Mauritians. Hike in the wonderful nature, swim at the gorgeous white sandy beaches and camp at the remote places in peace and tranquility. You will not regret traveling to Mauritius or Rodrigues!

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