Other Outer Islands Of Mauritius

Agalega Saint Brandon Tromelin Diego Garcia

Since being independent in 1968, some islands were associated with Mauritius. Apart Rodrigues Island, there are other outer islands which are still under controlled by the Mauritian government.


Agaléga is composed of two islands and is located around 1,000km from Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. It has around 300 inhabitants and the capital is Vingt-Cinq. It even has an airstrip for economic and emergency purposes. Very few information is available on this cooperation. The two islands have plenty of coconuts. Thus, the primary pillar of the economy is the exportation of coconut based commodities. In addition, Agaléga has a primary school, a local health center, a police station and a telecommunication building. Right now, the Indian military is undertaking some developments there.

Saint Brandon

Saint Brandon is composed 16 islets and is situated around 400km from Mauritius. Many of them are occupied by Raphael Fishing Company Ltd. There are some dozens of people who are currently living on some of the islets, where most of them are fishermen. The sea of Saint Brandon has fish in abundance and the beaches are very beautiful. Fishing is the main economic activity. Moreover, you can visit Saint Brandon and even do some aquatic activities there, but it is very costly. Examples, fishing, eco-trips and so on are among the popular activities. With its white sandy beaches and turquoise water, no doubt anyone will fall in love with Saint Brandon!

Chagos Archipelago

The Chagos Archipelago is a group of islets and atolls. It is located around 2,200km from Mauritius. It is officially part of the British Indian Ocean Territory. The Mauritian government was fighting for its sovereignty since years because of several violations of the United Nations laws. In 2019, the International Justice Court released its judgement that the British should halt their occupation of the Chagos Islands. Hence, it was a great victory to Mauritius.


More than that, Tromelin is situated around 430km of Mauritius. There was a dispute between the local government and France over its sovereignty. Furthermore, the French has a weather station on the island. Finally, in a 2010’s treaty, France and Mauritius agreed to manage Tromelin together.


To conclude, it is crystal clear Mauritius is an important country in the Indian Ocean, with these sovereignty of islands.

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