Famous Nature Trails & Parks In Mauritius

Nature Trails and Parks In Mauritius

A stressful world we are living in, it is no doubt we deserve a break! Sometimes, the best medicines are not found in chemical substances, but from nature. A natural remedy to cure our worries and when we are suffocating in problems. So, why not considering a walk in nature or visit a nature park to relax yourself? There are many nature trails and parks. Below, you will discover the famous nature trails and parks in Mauritius.

The Top Nature Trails In Mauritius

Even Mauritius has lost almost of its natural forest, there are some places where you can still walk among the woods. With the deterioration of environment due to economic progress, today, we find concretes everywhere. Unfortunately, trees are being cut down, nature is being destroyed and the authority does not care too much about the protection of our forest.  Some remaining nature trails still exist where you can hike for fun or for exercises.

  • Bel Ombre Trail

Bel Ombre Trail Mauritius

The Bel Ombre Trail is an extremely beautiful trail located in the South of Mauritius. It is also known as “Watook”, this trail is around 12km. Most hikers start the trail from Plaine Champagne to end at Bel Ombre. Tall trees, endemic birds, peaceful environment, this is what Bel Ombre Trail is! Moreover, there is a site called Bon Courage, where you can discover a hidden waterfall, Fixon. Do bring your camera, as this site has also some Pink Pigeons which you can admire. Watook Trail is almost flat and easy to hike.

  • Parakeet Trail

Parakeet Trail Mauritius

The Parakeet Trail is a popular trail for runners. You can start from Plaine Champagne to end at the Black River Gorges National Park’s parking or vice-versa. It is a 3km technical trail, slippery when it is heavy rainfall and requires some experiences in trekking.

  • Machabée Trail

Machabée Trail Mauritius

From Pétrin Visitor’s Center, continuing the track will lead you to Machabée. This trail is an absolute beauty. A calm track, not technical, appropriate for every group of ages. In addition, you may observe some Mauritian Parakeet, an endemic bird from the trees.

  • Mare Longue Trail

Furthermore, another famous nature trail is Mare Longue. Located around the Mare Longue Reservoir, it is a nice track, sometimes muddy, and quite easy to hike.

  • Le Dauguet Nature Trail

Le Dauguet Nature Trail Mauritius

More than that, situated in Port-Louis, Le Dauguet Nature Trail is a 3km lesser-known place in Mauritius. Some joggers are present in the week-ends. This trail can be done as a loop or one way. Hikers can take this trail to climb Le Pouce mountain, which is more hard than the normal track of Petit Verger. Be careful, Le Dauguet Nature Trail can be dangerous if go alone, particularly in the afternoon. There is a kiosk on the trail, and after this, the track becomes darker, with a spooky feeling and tranquil.

  • Sophie Nature Walk

Sophie Nature Walk Mauritius

The best romantic trail in Mauritius! Not only that, it has amazing trees, a splendid nature just close to Mare aux Vacoas Reservoir. Sophie Nature Walk or Plaine Sophie must be in your list of nature trail to achieve if you have not yet. It is a relatively flat trail but sometimes muddy in rainy days. The trail is short and around 3km long. Also, you can visit the Arnaud Dam as well, which is quite close.

  • Gollum Trail

Gollum Trail Mauritius

The hardest and most technical trail you will ever do in Mauritius. Gollum is located in the Black River Gorges, and is around 3km long. It is highly recommended to be accompanied by a professional guide. Similarly, Gollum can be quite dangerous, particularly if you ascend to the end of it, on a track known as Brouard, leading you a 600m climb to reach Trochetia Trail on the top.

  • Belle Vue Forest Trail

Daruty Mauritius

Widely known as Daruty Forest, the trails there are gorgeous and peaceful to have a walk with family or friends. Appropriate for everyone, Daruty is frequented by runners and mountain bikers every week-end. It is a 2km track divided by two parts, separated by a main road in the middle. Do make sure you do not miss it if you are traveling to the North.

Other Nature Trails In Mauritius To Consider:

  • Pilgrims Trail (Located in the Black River Gorges, it is a technical trail but short).
  • Colophane Trail (Next to Machabée Trail locates the Colophane Trail, an easy track).
  • Trochetia Trail (A short 3km trail and easy to achieve).
  • Powder Mill Nature Trail (Near the SSRN Hospital, there is a trail divided into sections and easy to achieve).
  • Mare aux Joncs Trail (A quite difficult 4km trail leading to Mare aux Joncs Waterfall).

The Best Nature Parks In Mauritius

Nature parks or gardens are wonderful places to be. Spending your week-end with your family and friends, enjoying a walk among the flowers and trees, well, a pleasant activity to do. Mauritius has some nature gardens which are very popular, even around the world. The list below will state the famous nature parks in Mauritius.

  • SSR Botanical Garden (Pamplemousses)

SSR Botanical Garden Pamplemousses Mauritius

The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses is the oldest botanical garden in the Southern hemisphere. It was built by Pierre Poivre in the 1770s. It is enriched with endemic trees and plants and several people around the world including scientists, visit this garden. The botanical garden is immense, provides various paths to walk and even include a colonial house known as Le Château de Mon Plaisir. It was inhabited by Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais. Additionally, this garden is popular for its huge Water Lilies and Lotus flowers, including its several ponds.

  • SSR Botanical Garden (Curepipe)

SSR Botanical Garden Curepipe Mauritius

Furthermore, the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden of Curepipe is the second largest botanical garden in Mauritius. Created in the 1870s, it has different endemic plants and trees and few ponds for the public to discover.

  • Bras D’Eau National Park

Bras D'Eau National Park Mauritius

Composed of nature trails, the Bras D’Eau National Park is the second largest national park in Mauritius. This place is enriched in history as well. The national park has a visitor’s center to learn the different types of plants and species there. In addition, there are ancient ruins, particularly an old powder mill around and an old railway close by.

  • Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges National Park Mauritius

The list of nature park would be incomplete without mentioning the largest national park in Mauritius, Black River Gorges! Most of the famous nature trails stated above are from there. The national park is a real haven for endangered species and endemic plants. Many endemic birds like Pink Pigeon, Mauritius Parakeet, Kestrel, etc, live there. It has a visitor’s center for educational purpose. Each trail is marked and board maps are present in some corners to better guide you while hiking.

  • Vallée D’Osterlog

Vallée DOsterlog Mauritius

A huge land of forest and garden, the Osterlog Valley is a tranquil nature park. Situated in Le Val, you can enjoy the magnificent views of Montagne LaGrave. Also, walking the trail will lead you to a beautiful waterfall named Tortue.

Other Nature Parks To Explore In Mauritius

Here are some other nature parks/gardens to add in your exploration plans:

  • Telfair Garden (Located in Souillac, a nice place to relax and observing the sea).
  • Balfour Garden (A popular garden in Beau-Bassin where your kids can play and discover a magnificent view of the top of Balfour Waterfall).


To conclude, the above list states the famous nature trails and parks in Mauritius. If you are seeking places to walk peacefully among the trees, do consider the top recommendations above. Do not forget to protect the environment!

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