Emergency and information hotlines Mauritius Learning and Information

Emergency & Information Hotlines

Whether you are a tourist or local, it is very important to be aware of emergency and information hotlines.This section will state the important numbers in Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agaléga, in case you need help. Mauritius Emergency Hotlines Police: 999 or 112. Information room (Police): 208 0034 or 208 0035….

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Plan your visit in Mauritius and Rodrigues Learning and Information

Plan Your Visit In Mauritius Island

Ready for some holidays? Plan your visit in Mauritius without stress. This section is for tourists who are planning to travel to this beautiful island. All these information provided will be short and direct as possible for better understanding. Mauritius, In Brief… Let’s begin with a short description of Mauritius…

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Agalega Saint Brandon Tromelin Diego Garcia Learning and Information

Other Outer Islands Of Mauritius

Since being independent in 1968, some islands were associated with Mauritius. Apart Rodrigues Island, there are other outer islands which are still under controlled by the Mauritian government. Agaléga Agaléga is composed of two islands and is located around 1,000km from Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. It has around 300…

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Rodrigues Island Learning and Information

Rodrigues Island

One of Mauritius’s principal outer islands is Rodrigues Island, another amazing nation in the Indian Ocean. Let’s discover it in brief further… Rodrigues Island, A Shining Diamond… Rodrigues, or “Île Rodrigues” in French, or “Rodrig” in the native Creole language, is a volcanic island located in the Indian Ocean and…

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Mauritius Island Learning and Information

Mauritius Island

We all talk about Mauritius, but what is it? Where is it located? Who lives in Mauritius? Let’s read a brief on it here. A Beauty Surrounded By Water Mauritius is a volcanic island, located in the Indian Ocean, next to Réunion and quite close to Madagascar. It is a…

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