Tourists who want to find out about our streets' gastronomy and culinary delights will find this article useful. Find out the top street foods in Mauritius.

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Street Foods Are Everywhere

Our island is rich with foods, and thanks to cultures. Street foods are popular, and vendors grow like mushrooms in several places of Mauritius. For foreigners who plan to spend their holidays here, this article will help them discover the top street foods in Mauritius.

Fried & Boiled Noodles

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Locals love fried and boiled noodles. You can find them everywhere in Mauritius. The price varies, and so are the components.

Dholl Puri & Farata

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Dholl Puri and Farata (flatbread) are famous foods that you should definitely try. They are served with different curries, and they are best eaten hot.

Bouillon Boulettes

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It is basically a simple Chinese soup accompanied by fish balls, meatballs, and similar dumplings. They are better served hot. You dislike soup? Try dumplings as a salad.

Oily Fritters

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There are so many varieties of deep-fried fritters. The most popular are "Gato Pima","Baja", "Chana Puri", "Dipain Frir", and "Gato Arouy". Try to remember these names. They are sold everywhere.

Grills & Kebab

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Grilled foods are everywhere in Mauritius. Grilled chicken, lamb, fish, and the famous Kebab or Shawarma which is much appreciated by the locals.

Fruit Salads

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Fruit salads are local favorites. Examples, pineapples, mangoes, cucumbers, etc., served with chili sauce, or chili powder with salt.


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Famous Indian oatmeal made with meat, wheat and lentils. This dish is best served with lamb or beef, with bread, chili sauce, and spring onions on top.


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Lastly, another Indian dish loved by locals is Biryani. Since a few years, Biryani sellers have increased on the streets, and are sold at reasonable prices.

The Best Places To Find Street Food In Mauritius

As stated earlier, you can find street food everywhere in Mauritius. In every town and village, there are street food sellers. Some of the places to encounter them are near markets, bus stations, bus stops, busy areas, on the coast, etc.

Price, Hygiene & Quality

Mauritius' street food is known for its affordability. They are fast food businesses, and due to street food sellers, competition also rises. Thus, many street foods are affordable. However, since the recent increase in prices because of inflation, street foods did experience an increase in prices as well. Even with that, we can say they are affordable compared to restaurants.

Moreover, hygiene is extremely imperative for food. As street foods are sold outside, be careful. If the foods are prepared and sold on the spot, please make sure the seller is applying basic sanitary measures. The particular place is also significant. Poisoning risks must be taken seriously.

Of course, quality is a priority too. Street foods vary in quality, depending on their prices. What makes a street food seller famous is quality and price. Sometimes, you may encounter a seller selling at a high price, but the quality is worth it.

Ali J (Author)

Author: Ali J | Date Published: April, 27, 2023 | Last Updated: NA