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Mauritian foods are unique in the world! As we live in a country with multiple cultures, the diversity in the local cuisine is great, resulting in a variety of dishes.

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The Local Dishes

The advantage of living in a multi-cultural society is that we have adopted different ways of cooking from a range of other cultures, and we have created our dishes from this expertise. The "Rougaille poisson salé (Salty fish in tomato stew)", "toufé pomme de terre (Potato chutney)" and "bouillon brède (Buk Choy soup)" dish is among the best Creole cuisine locally. It becomes better if accompanied with coconut chutney. Fried fish with salads, pickles, and lentils are another chosen dish by the locals. Regarding salads, the most famous are cucumber, carrots, lettuce, watercress, and cabbage. Most Mauritians love fruit salads with chilies and salt. Many foods are widely consumed and often chosen as preferences, but only the 12 most popular will be listed as follows:


Biryani image Mauritius

Popular in Asian countries, this dish is loved by Mauritians too. Biryanis are served with chicken, beef, mutton, fish or, veg.


Fried noodles image Mauritius

Another popular food is noodles, either fried or boiled, accompanied with a soup, chicken, lamb, and egg, topped with spring onions.

Fried Rice

Riz frite image Mauritius

This dish is easy and fast to prepare. The chicken and lamb fried rice are famous. Fried eggs and shrimp are often included.

Bol Renversé (Upside-down bowl)

Bol Renversé image Mauritius

Rice, chicken or lamb saucy Chop suey, fried egg, spring onions, and chili paste, are the main components of a nice Bol Renversé.

Dholl Puri / Faratha (Roti)

Dholl Puri Faratha Mauritius image

Dholl Puri and Faratha are like tortillas except the former is made of yellow peas. They are eaten with a variety of curries.

Grills / BBQ / Kebab

BBQ Grills image Mauritius

We love grills! Chicken, lamb, fish, or beef, served with salads, French fries, and sauces. The Kebab dish is largely appreciated too.

7 Cari (Seven curries)

7 Carri image Mauritius

An Indian dish served with 7 different curries, mostly vegetables, particularly in Indian weddings or religious ceremonies.

Pizza / Macaroni / Spaghetti

Macaroni image Mauritius

Italian foods are happily consumed by lots of Mauritians. Pizzas, spaghettis, macaronis, lasagne, well, the list goes on.

Dumpling Soup

Bouillon Boulettes image Mauritius

Known as bouillon boulettes, it is a dish with a variety of dumplings like Tofu, Sao May, fish balls, cheese balls, meat balls, and others.


Halim image Mauritius

A spicy soup made of peas. The lamb and beef Halim are the most chosen to eat with loaf and topped with cucumber salad.

Gato Deluile (Oily snacks)

Gato deluile image Mauritius

Gato Deluile are deep-fried snacks and often served with chili sauce or chutneys. Examples, Samossas, Chanapuri, etc.


Massala poulet image Mauritius

Chicken, lamb, fish, or beef curries are largely consumed like Masala, Tandoori, Vindaloo, Daube, or Salmi. They are spicy but tasty.

Enjoy The Good Foods

Mauritian cuisine will always continue to amaze people around the world, due to the array of intercultural dishes it offers. Street foods dominate tremendously in certain regions and this has contributed massively to creating new cuisine ideas. Our culinary traditions are originated from our ancestors and will continue to progress to further innovate. In a way, we are among the few countries to adopt such a mixture of dishes globally!

AUTHOR: Ali J (Administrator)
PUBLISHED DATE: February 18, 2021
LAST UPDATED: November 29, 2021

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