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Welcome to Let's Discover Mauritius, your online portal to learn and explore the amazing Mauritius Island as well as a quick list of the best things to do and places to go. Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean, discovered by the Arabs in the 1200s. Then, it was seen by the Portuguese sailors but it was first visited by the Dutch in 1598. Since that, the island was occupied by different Dutch Generals until their departure in the beginning of 1700s. After that, the French came to rule Mauritius for a long period until the great Battle of Grand-Port occurred in 1810s, between them and the British, which the latter won and settled down here. Mauritius became independent in 1968 and Republic in 1992.

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After several updates since the launch of the website in 2019, all contents have been edited to a shorter version and information is even more direct to read. The purpose of this website is to provide you information fast and to reduce the hassles of determining what to do during your holidays here and which places to go and provide you the opportunity to learn about the country easily. The site has a blog corner with amazing articles written monthly or quarterly respectively. This is a section to learn the country in terms of historical , cultural, lifestyle facts and others. Hopefully, you will like this website and do not hesitate to share the pages to the world!


Originally the portal was created in 2017 under the name of "Activities in Mauritius", which then later changed to Let's Discover Mauritius in 2019. The main reason on this switch is simple. The previous site was more on the aspect of activities to do in Mauritius, while the new one is about learning, exploring, discovering, etc.

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Designed and owned by Ali J, who is an adventurer since years, he is also a passionate of mountain biking and road cycling where he loves to explore different places around the island. Apart from that, he is a history lover and often collects pictures of abandoned ruins or buildings particularly old sugar mills' chimneys. He works as a web developer, loves fast foods, cooking at home and plays with his cats! Feel free to add him on Facebook or message if you have any questions...

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